I believe that life should be simple. If you feel that things should be simplified, you will definitely like Dibz, a parking app that simplifies finding and reserving parking slots.

This morning, before I left for work, I used Dibz to reserve my parking slot. The app shows you where you are in a map and lets you point where to go.

In this case I was going to Ortigas Business District. So I typed in the name of the building...

then Dibz gave me options of where to park. :) This is great for car owners who want to secure a parking spot so they can focus on more important things, like driving? Haha.

There's an option to reserve a spot, hire a valet or just navigate to the parking space. So I took a quick glance at what was available for me through a list in the menu.

I found one just a few blocks away from the office, a reservation was also available so I took it. This app lets you reserve your spot for 1 hour free of charge. The reservation expires after 1 hour but then you can just reserve again. No problem. I do hope they have an option to extend the reservation with just one click/button.

Once you reserve, it will ask for your vehicle type and plate number (blurred for privacy)

All makes and models are available here.

So Honda City for me.

Once done entering your plate number, hit ok. The app will then show you your reservation details.

Hit confirm and navigate so you have an option to connect with WAZE to help you find the quickest route to your parking spot.

It was morning rush hour so ETA was 42 minutes. Not bad. 

Dibz representative Yvone even sent me an SMS so that I won't miss them when I arrive at the parking area.

And when I got there, she showed me a big smile and my ticket reservation. She was monitoring my arrival time from her phone.

The parking lot was quite vacant at this time, which was quite a relief.

I also got a chance to speak with Philip who gave me some tips about using Dibz.

He said that Dibz gives out promo codes in the app announcement tab for more savings to our kababayans. awesome!. So I opened the app and looked for myself and sure enough, there was a promo for this week. less 140 Php on parking. That's extra cash to spend on lemonade, you can never invest too much in health.

That was a good first time experience for me on using Dibz. The app was smooth, it linked with Waze which helped me navigate. Plus the service was great, the people were friendly and took time to answer my questions. Perhaps the two things they need to work on is expanding their network. It would be great to find Dibz in most parking spaces and not just in Metro Manila. Valet service would be nice near the office and issuing official receipts would be good too! :) I give them extra points for the referral code so that active Dibzters receive parking incentives as they refer the app to their friends and co-workers. Everyone is happy when you can all stretch your peso.

DIBZ is available for both Android and iOS devices, download the app now! For more details, you can check them out on social media and their website.

Are you a Dibzter? Let us know your experience with Dibz at the comments section below.


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Article published on April 12, 2018

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