Diffusing essential oils has been an every day thing for our family since last year. Imagine my horror when a couple of weeks after receiving our Young Living Premium Starter Kit last December our diffuser suddenly stopped producing mist. Not even a tiny whiff. It just stopped working. I cleaned it by following the instructions written in the manual but it still wouldn't work. I even tried it without the cover and inner lid on to see what was happening inside, the water just kept rippling. I informed Young Living of what happened to our Desert Mist through their Live Help chat support on their website, they suggested cleaning the diffuser 3 more times then, trying it out again after. I was hoping that would do the trick, but it didn't. The next time I contacted Young Living with the same concern, they offered a new replacement diffuser of the same model, but the thing was I had to ship the damaged diffuser to them first. Once they received it, only then will they be able to send me a new one. I was informed that that was the only way to get it replaced. I was thinking about how long it would take for the diffuser to get to them and how much would the shipping cost me, and then how long it would take to receive the new one.

I appreciate Young Living's offer and would've considered it if I were in the same country as them which isn't the case. So, I decided to find a quicker solution with less shipping costs. I was actually playing around with the idea of just stashing the damaged diffuser in storage (I couldn't toss it away, it was too pretty) and just get a new one until I stumbled upon DiffuserDoc while searching for diffuser repair on Google.

I purchased their newest product, the Young Living Desert Mist repair kit priced at $13.99 plus shipping fee to the Philippines which costs $7.99, paid for it via Paypal. I placed the order on February 11 and received my package on the 27th of the same month. The courier was via US Postal Service, so it went to our province's Post Office and not our home. We usually get a claim stub from the postman informing us of the international package waiting for us in their office, but our schedule would never permit us time to personally go there to get our mail which was ok because our designated postman agreed to deliver our packages to our doorstep. We just had to pay for the storage fee that usually costs around Php112 upon delivery. That's how I got our repair kit even though it wasn't shipped via Registered Airmail which would send it straight to our home address.

Here's an amateur video I decided to make about how it went:

Sorry, I was really nervous and all over the place during the production of our first ever vblog on our Youtube channel. I know I made tons of mistakes, I'll try to do better next time! Your comments and suggestions will be greatly appreciated! Ok, enough about the video! Haha. So, if you have broken diffusers, don't toss them away just yet, check out DiffuserDoc first! They've got you covered!


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Article published on March 2, 2018

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