Being a hands on mom of 4 and, homeschooling at that, could be quite a challenge and I strongly believe that we need every help we can get. Stumbling upon Crated Memories on social media was quite exciting since I knew that it was definitely something that could assist me in creating fun moments with my kids through unique activities. I've been seeing a lot of educational subscription boxes in countries abroad and I was quite glad to discover that we have one available in the Philippines as well.

Crated Memories is a subscription based monthly themed product that is aimed to build memorable moments between parents and kids thru creative activities. It encourages parents to do fun, educational projects together with their kids.

We received their February box for 2017 and here's what's inside:

Book of the Month: No Lipstick For Mother by Grace Chong


A Mother's Heart - a mom's heart is filled with beautiful things. Decorate the heart-shaped paper mache with various designs. It helps develop fine motor skills, creativity and promotes language learning.

Cooking with Mommy - prepare for a fun kitchen bonding with mommy! This activity includes painting your very own apron and materials to use in pretend play which is important to enhance imagination, creativity, social and emotional skills.

Travel in Tricycle - the mommy in the story is a tricycle driver. This activity uses magnets to simulate traveling around your community in a tricycle. Helps them identify the places in your neighborhood and where to go when you need something.

Community Board Game - a game that can be enjoyed by the whole family showing the places you can find within your community. First one to reach the finish line wins!

Making Mommy's Bag - the mother in the story is busy working as a driver and has several things to bring. Design a bag for mommy to remind her of your love.

Let's Go Shopping - complete with all the grocery items, play money and grocery list, go shopping with mommy. This encourages math skills and language learning. An activity you can do over and over again.

Can You Do These? - a set of comprehension activities related to the story.

Kiss Mommy - this is a family activity which is a spinoff of the fun game Pin the Tail of the Donkey. This can be done and enjoyed by the whole family and develops your child's gross motor skills, balance and estimation.

Based on the items that I saw inside the box, I knew that my 3-year-old daughter would be the best choice and that she would love what Crated Memories' February box has in store of us this long weekend. There are 8 fun activities all in all, that came with complete instructions. 3 of them to our delight were art projects, we actually got to decorate a heart-shaped paper mache box with washi tapes and jewel stickers for one. We even got to design a blank canvas bag and apron using a brush and poster paint.

My daughter zoned in on the vegetable and fruit toys for the "Cooking with Mommy" activity and played kitchen for more than half an hour. At first she would only identify each toy by color, then started naming the fruits and veggies she was familiar with. I just helped her with the ones she doesn't know about yet, like the bitter melon or "Ampalaya" and some mushrooms.  We couldn't really play the board game because she'd take the dice and pawns and do her own game without the game board haha. Same goes with the "Travel in Tricycle" activity because the minute she figured out that some of the pieces were magnets, she took them all and hurriedly arranged them on the fridge! We'll have a go at it again when she's older. The activities are recommended for children ages 3-10 and are focused on honing a child's  math, reading, socio-emotional, creativity, imagination, language, science, social and fine motor skills through art, books and interactive games.

Retail price of their box is Php899 (FREE shipping within Metro Manila) which in my opinion is quite a steal considering the value you get in each box you receive. Oh and they also give 10% OFF for first time buyers.

I love the whole idea behind Crated Memories and how it encourages parents to get more involved in their child's learning through creative activities. Their subscription boxes are perfect for busy parents who don't have time to come up with projects they can do with their kids on their own and of course, homeschooling families like us! This'll definitely stretch our peso!

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Article published on May 3, 2017

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