Do-It-Yourself projects are something our family is quite passionate about. Have you heard of the saying "When you want something done right, do it yourself."? It is true but in our case it's more of us having fun crafting and being hands on with activities we can do with the kids which they can learn from while saving money. 

Working with my hands is a joy. Being able to create something from scratch using different materials is fascinating and truly fulfilling, that's why I enjoy creative projects that involve cutting, coloring, scoring, folding, sticking, and drawing. Handmade items gives that personal touch that you can't really get from ready-made store-bought products like greeting cards and party decors. That's why I encourage Miss Artsy (and in the future, the rest of our kids) to fashion her own from scratch. 

Check out a very useful craft tool that we recently added to our arsenal, the We R Memory Keepers Mini Alphabet Punch Board. It comes brand new and sealed, like this:

The set comes with the punch board, a small cutting blade and a manual which serves as a guide on how to cut and punch out letters, numbers, symbols and punctuation marks.

The punch and cut system of this tool isn't that hard to figure out, if my 11-year-old can do it, so can we! Just follow the instructions provided in the manual and you'll be fine. You can create cute 1.5 x 2.5 inch letters and numbers with this punch board, as you can see in the photo below (not bad for our first try using it). I love the fact that we have 2 fonts to choose from! How cool is that, huh?! With this awesome tool, you can customize layouts, cards, banners, notebooks, school projects and more. The possibilities are endless with this one! I already have tons of ideas for making study materials for homeschool using this mini alphabet punch board.

I've also read somewhere that you can create a heart garland using this very craft tool but haven't tried it myself. I'll find out one of these days, maybe just in time for the season of hearts next month!

The punch board is light & compact, ideal to carry with you for planner meet ups and craft parties. The removable sharp blade is something to worry about though, when you have kids running about. Just don't leave it lying around unattended and make sure to keep it out of their reach.

The We R Memory Keepers Mini Alphabet Punch Board is a great tool for crafters, I highly recommend it! Saving up for the regular size one! I definitely stretched my peso from getting this for us!


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Article published on January 13, 2017

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