Six months ago we enlisted a team of experts when it comes to events for a social gathering we were throwing. A DIY kiddie party from start to finish never crossed our minds after the last one we did that left us dead on our feet after, and back then we only had 3 kids. Now with 4 of them, 3 being toddlers, it made doing it ourselves a huge impossibility. Sharing with you how our first experience with an event specialist was like and how the celebration went down.

When we say event planner, the old movie (titled The Wedding Planner) which starred Jennifer Lopez and weddings comes to mind. But they do more than just nuptials, they actually tackle all sorts of events. You name it, they can make it happen. So for the double birthday celebration of our 2 youngest offsprings, we handed the reigns to the reliable team of Eventology by Miss Presentation.

At first we were set on having a nautical theme, but we changed our minds and decided on a camping theme instead, since our bunso is partial to the color green. It was an RSVP event, and we had a total of 130 guests coming. The venue was already taken cared of and so were the caterer, cakes and game booths, but the rest, like the decor, balloons, loot bags, prizes and the onsite coordination which were definitely our biggest concerns had to be planned out.

We wanted it simple, not extravagant, as long as it went with our chosen theme and color motif which was brown-forest green & some orange. Kind of like autumn. We opted out of having a party program, since we didn't want a schedule for eating, conversing, picture taking and kiddie games. We didn't want to be constrained by a set sequence of events, a relaxed approach where we can eat, have fun and go to each table at anytime was the master plan.

Since I literally don't go out, all correspondence between Vanzh (Miss Presentation) and I was through SMS and Facebook messenger. For some it might be challenging to do meetings this way but for me, it was just perfect and in the end it went through without a hitch.

Event Styling and Coordination: Eventology by Miss Presentation
Catering: Mama Lotty's Catering
Cakes and Cupcakes: Wednesday's
Photobooth: Kendy's Pictures and Kim's Photobooth Services
Game Booths: Simplifun Party Shop

I honestly didn't know what I was going to walk into once we got to the party venue. I was downright impressed when I saw what they did to the space, where the game booths were strategically placed, the photo booth area, the tables and the entire buffet setup. I would never have thought of that kind of layout on my own. It really made sense. Just goes to show how amazing the workings of the mind of a true event specialist is. And now, more photos!

They handled everything, so I got to concentrate on taking care of the kids and getting around to each table to talk to guests and see how things were. That's the beauty of having an event planner for your parties. You get to enjoy the day yourself, no need to check on any mishaps that might occur or concerns like running out of ice! No stressing out about anything at all for that matter! It was such a worry-free day that for the first time I was relaxed in a party we hosted. Two thumbs up for Miss Presentation and her awesome team, who were all smiles and were a joy to see coordinating everything in our kiddie birthday party.

So, would I recommend Eventology by Miss Presentation to cater to all your party needs? But of course! I'd book them for my next event in a heartbeat!

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/EventologyTeamPH/
Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/eventologymspresentation/

*Photo Credits to Vanzh


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Article published on December 17, 2016

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