The royal couple of the Philippine showbiz industry, Dingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera-Dantes' first-born, Maria Letizia Dantes has undoubtedly become the new darling of television since day one. Her birth was one of the much awaited moments last year for die-hard DongYan fans and the entire television industry. Snippets of Baby Z's life shared by her celebrity parents on social media and tv interviews are instantly gobbled up by the media and let's admit it, we just can't get enough. With the combined looks of her parents and celebrity A-list status, she is definitely going to be one photographed baby until she grows up.

She hasn't even turned a year old before she landing a magazine cover back in May and her first endorsement together with her Mom for Johnson & Johnson's. Not every celebrity baby has those under his/her belt just months after being born. Born on November 23, 2015, Baby Zia didn't just rock her parents world but the entire Philippine showbiz scene.

The weeks before Zia turns one, I was among the curious about what her parents have in store for her first birthday. Are they going to have a big party? Where's the venue? Who's coming? What is she going to wear? When's the party? The usual questions kept popping in my head. Then in an interview in October featuring DongYan revealed that they only wanted a simple celebration for their only child. An intimate one with close family and friends, I was a bit disappointed to be honest but understood where the couple was coming from. It was held in a restaurant close to her parents' hearts as it was where they had their first date, talk about memorable! Families and relatives of both Marian and Dingdong were there, together with close friends in the industry they move in for Baby Z.

True to their word, Maria Letizia did have a simple and intimate birthday do but it doesn't mean that they'd skimp on the cake! No, they didn't! Check it out!

Of course, who else but the talented team of Honey Glaze Cakes! There is even a second cake!

Shades of pink and purple were the colors for the towering layered cake that was adorned with darling bears. The second cake had yellow, blue and orange, topped with cute animals. I seriously want to take home that sheep haha. Both cakes are undeniably adorable and lovely, just like the delightful birthday girl, the apple of Dingdong and Marian's eyes. The Dantes family loved the cakes!

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Article published on November 29, 2016

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