A couple of years back, I wrote an article (here) about our 3rd child's first birthday party which I humbly DIY-ed, it mostly had pictures of the event itself and the links to our amazing suppliers. Now, here we are again preparing for our youngest one's 1st, but this time we are putting together a double celebration since the Little Miss Banshee and our Little Boy Wonder's special days are just a couple of weeks apart. It'll double the fun for sure!

We started prepping for the small soire since June and even had the venue booked that month since we knew how hectic December is for parties and we wanted that detail locked in the earliest. When I inquired about the availability of one of two of their spaces I was glad that only the big one upstairs wasn't up for grabs any longer. Since I had some elderly relatives on the guest list, a room where you needed to take a couple of flights of stairs to get to just wouldn't fit the bill. Anyway, the open space area we picked was smaller and cozier, just right for the number of guests that we planned to invite to our do.

I would have loved to DIY everything like the last time, but being a wife, (now) mom of 4 and writer, I already have a lot on my plate, even without the party to plan. So Dave and I decided to get help from the experts when it comes to party plannings. Yes, we got ourselves an event planner. But it's a kind of Semi-DIY party even with an expert taking the wheel, in a sense, because right after booking the venue I went ahead and booked the caterer, milk tea booth and cupcakes suppliers from before. It was a couple of months after June that I got in touch with Eventology By Miss Presentation with our party needs. Oh and I'm also going to throw in easy DIY loot bags which will be a craft project for Miss Artsy to add to her homeschool portfolio in MAPEH. Yes, I'm going to make her do most of the work haha. I also did the design for the magnets we're giving out to the guests as a thank you for coming, working on the layout for the digital photobooth this week too.

Yes, I am still doing my fair share and personal little touches for the upcoming party, but the bigger job, in my honest opinion, which is the onsite coordinating of the event won't be mine, thank goodness! At last I will be able to focus on just being a breastfeeding mom & hostess alongside Dave, making sure to get around to all the tables & groups chatting them up as much as we can while keeping our kids in check. I can foresee a laid-back birthday party, on my part, in a couple of weeks. Whew! Usually I get so stressed-out when the date is getting nearer, actually fretting it, but now it's such a relaxing feeling to know that it'll all be taken cared of without you having to do much. God bless event planners!

More on the party, DIY projects, reviews and links to suppliers in coming articles!

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Article published on November 11, 2016

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