Raising readers is fun but can be a bit challenging once your kids discover the wonderful world books can take them to. Challenging how, you ask? Well, they'll run out of books in no time that they'd end up bugging you for more titles on a regular basis. That was definitely the case for my 6th grader, she gobbles chapter books up faster than I can purchase them for her. She has also found a couple of book series that she'd like to collect and has appointed yours truly to hunt down each book to complete the sets she has her eyes on. Yey for her, dilemma for me haha.

Book sales are great and helped me a lot in this quest, especially those warehouse clearance ones that are held on an annual basis. I found a lot of the books on my list (not all of them though) and discovered ones that I knew Miss Artsy would be interested in and would fit in the home library we are building perfectly. But what if you can't afford to go to the said warehouse because you live islands away or it would take at least 8-hours straight of driving to get there? This is where online shops like Bookery for Mums and Kids and SecondBooktique come in to save the day. They're stores that sell used/brand new books at bargain prices all year round!

My loyal readers know that I don't go out, I am even branded as a cyber-hermit, which is true in a sense. With the heavy traffic, which is a constant nowadays (such a huge turn off), plus I have little ones I just can't leave at home, going to a book store to shop isn't possible. That's why I consider Facebook and Instagram book shops together with homeschool parents and kids selling their pre-loved books online, heaven sent in aiding us in our goal of book hunting. Check out some of the titles that I got over the past months through these online channels:

I stumbled upon these shops through joining the Awesome Book Swap! Facebook group which I was told about in the Philippine homeschool community my family is a part of. Here, I found preloved/brand new books and other educational materials being sold at discounted prices. I then started to become an active buyer in the group and found out that some of the parents (the ones I purchased from) actually had online stores for the items they were selling, they just cross post them on the group as well.

I scored hard to find books like iSpy, Charlie and Lola, Nat Geo, Time For Kids, Usborne books, The Magic Tree House, The Boxcar Children, Choose Your Own Adventure, Jigsaw Jones, Roald Dahl works, Babysitter's Club, and so much more. They have books for kids of all ages, sometimes even up to teens. Looking for board books for babies, pop ups, hardbound or paperbacks? You'll find it there. Just don't forget to comment MINE on the photo of the book you want once you see it. They sell pretty quickly. Here are the links to the group and the shops I frequent:

Awesome Book Swap!

Bookery for Kids and Mums



seller Ms. Grace Leung

Happy Tree PH

What I love about each of my transactions with them is the honesty. They'd let you know the actual condition of the preloved book, if it's good as new, has some flaws or still sealed. They even send pictures of the areas with tears or stains, if any. I don't know about you guys, but I have definitely found the perfect way to collect books for our growing home library! Saves me precious time and money, without a doubt stretching my peso! Check them out ladies and gents!


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Article published on October 14, 2016

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