Food Delivery

Last year's Blogapalooza introduced foodpanda to Dave and I, it's a food delivery service launched in June 2014 which allows us to conveniently discover food in our area and directly order meals or items available from their menus either online or via mobile. At times like these, living in Metro Manila would be great haha, you should know by now how much I love getting everything delivered since I don't go out much. Anyway, last month I had the opportunity to try out foodpanda for the first time and here's how it went:

So Dave's birthday was coming up, yes, we already did a small double celebration in Las Pinas with his brother but I still wanted to make the day of his own birthday a tad special. So I told him I would cook an entire Italian meal from scratch which is one of his favorites, so he was all for that. My biggest dilemma was I don't bake, as of yet, so how was there going to be a cake to fit the meal I was planning to serve? I don't go out, and I can't make Dave buy himself his own cake. Out of nowhere I just remembered foodpanda, I hurriedly went to their website hoping they had at least one cake shop partner that delivers to our area in Rizal. I was ecstatic to find out that Red Ribbon, their Pasig branch that is, could cater to our area! Score for me!

So I went ahead and signed up for an account and placed my order. I chose a regular-sized Tiramisu Meltdown, Tiramisu being a popular coffee-flavoured Italian dessert that would just complement the birthday meal I was planning, and the cake version Red Ribbon had was just perfect. I also got a junior-sized Black Forest cake which brings back a lot of memories from childhood, for our youngest son who was turning 6 months old a day before his dad's birthday. 

I proceeded to checkout and finalized my order. I immediately received an SMS and email regarding my order from foodpanda informing me that a confirmation message/mail will be sent once they have contacted the restaurant about the items that I wanted to purchase. I got a call a few minutes after that, they told me that there was a slight problem with my order, one item wasn't available in the Red Ribbon branch near our place. It was a good thing none of my little ones were napping at the time or I couldn't answer the call. I wish they could do it through SMS in the future, instead of calls. So back to the problem with my order, originally, the junior-sized cake I wanted was their Ultimate Chocolate Cake, but that wasn't in stock at the Pasig branch. So, I just told the foodpanda rep I was talking to, that I'll just get the Black Forest instead. It wasn't that big a deal since the small cake was just an afterthought on my end, at least the Tiramisu cake was available.

So anyway, after that was settled, I got another call from them. This time it was from the Red Ribbon delivery guy asking where in a certain subdivision we were exactly located. The information they received from foodpanda was wrong, they were given the name of the subdivision next to us. So when the delivery guy told the security guards at the village entrance what street he was delivering goods to, they were confused because there was no such street name. It was a good thing he was familiar with our village once I told him the right one. Even with the wrong address, the cakes I ordered arrived within the promised 60 minutes, I was happy with that. We paid the courier, signed the receipts and the transaction was done.

(forgot to take a photo of the Tiramisu cake before we sliced into it haha)

No service is ever perfect, small mistakes can happen to anyone, even companies like foodpanda. In the end, I still got my orders on time and in pristine condition. Would I order from foodpanda again? In a heartbeat! They made it possible for us to have cake on Dave's birthday without going out to get one, which is priceless. Without their food delivery service there wasn't going to be any cake for us at all. Hoping for more restaurants in our area to partner with them, so that we can have more options for future food deliveries, especially the healthy ones.

Check out foodpanda today! It definitely stretched my peso, it will surely stretch yours!


Article published on July 1, 2016