Bus seat online reservation

One of the best things in the Philippines, in my personal opinion, other than the delicious food is public transportation. I've been to parts of Africa and the US where you need your own car to get anywhere. When I lived in Lusaka, Zambia their mini buses (which was the only mode of public transportation) were just not an option, don't ask why haha, and in the states, it's either you hitch hike or walk in some places if you don't have a set of wheels at your disposal. It was indeed a bit of a struggle because I couldn't go out on my own in those countries, so I appreciate the fact that here, that isn't the case.

Long trips by bus is the usual way of getting to vacation hot spots here in the country if you're a commuter, but the long lines in the bus terminal can be a tad wearisome. You have to get up early and arrive at the bus station way ahead of time to ensure seats, even if the schedule of departure is on a later hour in the day. I know everyone will agree with me on this, that nobody looks forward to staying at the bus terminal for hours. Who would enjoy that?

Glad that we need not experience these hassles anymore with IWantSeats, which offers us a real-time online bus reservation service. How cool is that? It's like booking airline tickets and hotel accommodations online which saves us both on money and valuable time. Why wait in line when you can book bus seats online instead? No need to wake up before the sun comes up just to go to the bus terminal, without any assurance that you'll get to purchase tickets that day, especially during peak seasons of trips to certain provinces.

iWantSeats is an online bus booking platform in our country which currently offers deluxe trips to Baguio, Baler and Clark to and from Manila via JoyBus. Of course they are working on adding more routes to better serve the Filipino people, so watch out for that. Booking your bus ticket has never been as easy as this. With just a few clicks, you can reserve and confirm your seat ahead of time and just go to the terminal on the day of your trip just before the designated time of departure.

Now you can explore new places, or travel to and from your city without having to wait hours at the bus terminal as a chance passenger by leaving the booking to iWantSeats. This bus seat reservation service will definitely stretch your peso!

Book your trip to Baguio, Baler or Clark now! Head on to their website.


Article published on June 24, 2016