Boneless Lechon Cebu

Two weeks ago, we celebrated Dave and his younger brother's birthday in Las Pinas. We planned it around 2 weeks before and I decided that we needed something for the intimate get together that would make these Cebuano pair of birthday celebrants feel extra special. The first thing I did was click on the search box on Facebook and typed "lechon cebu" which gave me a couple of results, there I came accross Bai's Boneless Lechon Cebu. Did I read it right, Boneless? I've never heard of boneless lechon before. It got me curious, so I visited their Facebook page and was set on ordering us one for the weekend. I wasn't really sure if they delivered in Rizal, good thing we were having the do within Metro Manila. I had the choice of ordering their Family pack (1k) - good for 4-5 people priced at P675, Barkada pack (2.5k) - good for 10-15 people priced at P1700, or their Party pack (3.8k) - good for 20-25 people priced at P2700. I opted to get the Barkada pack which was just perfect for our small party.

I sent them a message via Facebook since I couldn't call them up personally to place my order. When you're taking care of 2 temperamental toddlers and an infant, the peace must be maintained, thus, no phone calls or the screaming would start and who knows how long it'll take before they settle down again haha.

Anyway, I sent them a message telling them that I couldn't call their hotline for personal reasons and even though the drill was to do it through a call, they let me do a transaction with them through Facebook chat instead. I can't thank them enough for accommodating my request to do business with them that way, two thumbs up on customer service! So I gave them the usual shipping details and received information on how to pay for my order. Once I settled the bill, sent them a copy of the proof of payment, all that was left was waiting for the boneless lechon Cebu to be delivered on the set date. 

On the day of the get together, I received an SMS from Dexter, who at the time I didn't know was the brains behind Bai's Boneless Lechon Cebu, informing me that they were stuck in Marcos Alvarez on their way to my brother in law's home for the delivery. We just arrived and was parking the car when I got a call from Dexter, this was without my knowledge, since I left my phone in the car and went in the house in a hurry with my crying 5-month-old baby in tow. Dave, didn't know about my order, it was supposed to be a surprise which I forgot to tell Dexter haha, so when he answered my phone he was confused haha. They were all confused but then I went out and waved at Dexter and just signalled Dave that all is well. I mouthed, "It was supposed to be a surprise, sorry for the confusion!" at my husband. Ugh, if I just took my phone with me and answered the call myself, the surprise would have been perfect! By the way, they were having a Father's Day promo that very weekend, free bottles of Pepsi for every purchase, but of course we told them to leave ours out since none of us drink soda anymore. Check out our Barkada boneless lechon Cebu, it was still hot and crispy. It smelled so good when we took it out of the box, we almost forgot to take a photo of it before slicing haha. Yes, we wanted to taste it right away when we saw it and the house started to smell like lechon Cebu. Definitely a Cebuano pleaser, I made the right choice in ordering from Bai's.

When the eating started, all of us hit the platter of sliced boneless lechon Cebu pretty hard. Curiosity for us Manilenos and for the Cebuanos, finally a taste of home, drove us to stuff our faces with the succulent offering from Bai's.  It didn't disappoint. None of the lechons cooked and served here in Manila comes up to par with this Cebu specialty. Every inch was flavorful and absolutely scrumptious, no sauce needed at all. The skin was crispy and had just the right amount of saltiness which everybody loved. The meat was tender and was jam-packed with flavor, it didn't really need the usual gravy/sauce we from Manila usually go for. I love the fact that this lechon is already pulled off the bone, it makes it much easier to eat and faster to serve which is great for when you have impatient kids who want to get their share immediately. My mother-in-law came a bit late and was surprised we had lechon Cebu at the table, she tasted it and gave it her seal of approval. All of the Cebuanos present at our small get together were impressed by it and were gushing over how great lechon Cebu was, it is indeed the best lechon in the Philippines. Thanks to Bai's Boneless Lechon Cebu for bringing it to Manila in a compact, easier to serve and devour package. I would definitely order from them again.

They don't have a physical store yet, but their kitchen is in Alabang. They deliver (which I prefer) around Metro Manila though, hopefully they'd be able to ship to us here in Rizal soon, so I can order anytime I crave for lechon Cebu haha!

If you're having a party or even just a normal family dinner and want to make it special, consider adding some boneless lechon Cebu from Bai's to the menu, it hit the right spot for us. It'll definitely stretch your peso. Check them out on Facebook!


Article published on June 29, 2016