Teething Jewelry

Dave and I are blessed to be parents of 4 amazing kids. Let's just say that we've got the whole baby thing down, but I'm not in any way insinuating that we're the experts on the subject. We just know our way around the block, so to speak. When an infant reaches a certain age, let's say he or she turns 4 months old, the teething begins. During this phase, sleepless nights are to be expected due to a fairly fuzzy baby, a few experience diarrhea and slight fevers even. The baby usually gets some comfort from the pain and irritation caused by the emerging teeth by chewing on something soft, like Mom or Dad haha. Yes, we get bitten on our shoulders or any part of our body that the baby's mouth gets in contact with same as other objects that they get their hands on to. I also remember the Little Hulk took a fancy to the pendant on my necklace, he kept chewing on it to soothe his itching gums, thus the scratches on the back of my pendant were born haha. I was torn between taking it off or not, since it was a very important jewelry, one I never take off except when they require it in the hospital whenever I give birth to a baby.

Now thanks to Teething Beads which offers a solution in the form of fashionable adult jewellery, I don't have to hide my necklace anymore! Check out my happy mail! I received it the next day after payment which was fast considering areas outside Metro Manila usually takes 3-5 days.

Don't you just love the packaging? Each item is placed inside a small string canvas bag which bears their logo. They're so cute!

For those of you who aren't familiar with these items, let me introduce to you the "Teething Pacifier Clip" made with food-grade Silicone teething beads which are safe for babies, chewable, BPA, Phtalate and Lead-free. I purchased 2, one for each of our teething little girl and boy, the blue one with a Car pendant & Ninja clip and the Star clip with an Octopus pendant which I took a huge liking to.

Take you pick from Silicone elephants, cars, trains, anchors, bears, hippos, and other pendant designs. Each one is linked to a teething cord and clip that can attach to anything! Your shirt, the baby's clothes, the baby carrier and so much more. You also have the option of removing pendant from the clip and attaching a pacifier instead! No more lost pacifiers or teething toys again! With this clip you don't need to be on alert to catch the pacifier or teether if your baby suddenly drops his or hers accidentally or intentionally! When babies are too young to wear their own necklaces, Teething Beads' Teething Pacifier Clips are highly recommended.

Check out my very own Mommy necklace, I got the black Margarita which goes with most of my outfits. Would you ever figure out, at first glance, that this fashion accessory is made of silicone teething beads? Or that the primary function of this item is actually to have something around your neck for your baby to chew on anytime he or she needs to? I love the fact that wearing this necklace gives my babies an accessible something to chew on at all times while in my arms, that is safe and will help sooth the pain during the teething stage.

I just love wearing my stylish Mommy necklace while my baby chews on the safe silicone beads. Planning to get baby necklaces of their own sometime soon, when they're old enough to wear them around their necks. 

Moms with teething tots like myself no longer need to hide their jewelry away. We’ve already entered the era of stylish baubles that are safe for our babies to bite into, slobber all over, pull and gnaw at. Do you have a teething baby? Then check out Teething Beads mom and dads!

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Article published on May 23, 2016