Sustainable Living with Pot Hed

In this day and age, when the progress of mankind is admittedly destroying the environment on a disturbingly fast pace, recycling, reusing, going back to organic, all-natural and sustainable living is something that we all should support on a massive level. We only have this planet, let's stop looking for another one to live in and just take care of the one we were given. 

That being said, we are glad to have stumbled upon Pot Hed Inc which aims to inspire others to value resources and up-cycle other waste products. The company was founded through their curiosity to help make a change in our nature, by trying to re-connect people to the food that they eat. They distribute and develop sustainable products of their partner companies, giving new entity to different industrial and agricultural waste here in the Philippines. Reusing - recycling these by-products help reduce the effects of these materials on our planet.

Pot Hed Inc in partnership with Majik Mayk Gourmet Mushrooms developed their first product to offer us which are all-organic sustainable mushroom kits made out of Kalinga-Apayao, Philippines coffee waste grounds from coffee shops of Los BaƱos, Laguna, Philippines (Entablado, Coffee Blends, Black & Brew and more) together with agricultural and industrial by-products, which you can grow up to 4 crops from each kit. This is a first in the country, so Dave and I were really excited about it.

For self-confessed mushroom lovers like us, cooking and eating mushrooms are definitely awesome experiences on their own but to be able to actually grow them with these kits is great! Pot Hed “Majik Mayk Gourmet Mushroom Grow Kit” allows us see their progress in a short period of time every day from our own home. It would be great to have especially when you have foodies and kids who are into cooking and Science. You let them grow their own mushroom kits, with supervision of course, and see how they progress together. Then you get to harvest your crops and cook them for the whole family to enjoy! They get to learn and eat mushrooms too!

The mushrooms from their kits transform the soil bag into a nutritionally rich organic compound garden soil enhancer, which is just perfect for our home herb and vegetable garden in the yard. Another good thing about this kit is that the growing materials from their soil bags also breaks down substances or matters where it can possibly grow back again, whenever their kits end up in landfills, the mushroom roots will start to take over its place and try to re-grow itself back again to fruiting. As it breaks down its growing media it lessens the effect of these materials from landfills to our environment.

The mushroom kit is just their opening product, they are currently developing more products for everyone to enjoy while helping the environment. Changes to their price tag will also be announced soon for they aim to make their sustainable items much more cheaper for all walks of life to avail. Stay tuned for my next article featuring these awesome kits. Miss Artsy just claimed them for her Science and HELE (cooking part) projects this year for homeschooling! Her school portfolio is going to look so cool with this sustainable kits added to it for sure!

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Article published on May 19, 2016