If only we were there...

So Dave and I weren't able to go to the Blogapalooza: Horizons because reliable trustworthy babysitters available for that day were nowhere to be found. I know right, the biggest business-to-blogger marketing and networking event in the country and we weren't there to experience it this month! Here are some of what we've missed, thanks to my bestfriend, Sygrid of Likely Blog+able, for taking some stills of the event for me!

Blogapalooza Horizons was held at the Prosperity Hall, Elements at Centris, which is along EDSA, near the Quezon Avenue station. I just love the venue they chose this time around compared to before where you needed to walk or ride a cab to get to the place if you're commuting. Glad to see that the stage is bigger and that enough seats for bloggers who wanted to take a quick rest or listen to the speakers were provided, big improvement from last year.

The Arla Philippines' booth really caught my eye when I saw the photos, there's a buzz going around about their cheesy spread that most of the local mom bloggers I know are raving about. Too bad I wasn't there to sample it myself, I guess I'll just have to purchase one at the supermarket to see what all the fuzz is about. I love the fact that they are promoting natural and organic dairy products for us to enjoy.

There were visibly less booths than before but the layout was said to be more organized giving the bloggers an easier time to go around and check out each brand. Some people might think that having only a less booths than what they're used to when it comes to Blogapalooza is a downer, but for busy people like myself who don't have the luxury to stay at the event for the whole day, this is great. No need to rush just to make sure that you to get to talk to all the brand reps you want to connect with and visit each stall, you can now take your time building relationships with these companies.


Just like the past years, each brand had their own gimmicks in the form of interactive games to make the event worthwhile for those who were present. It was puzzle games for Victoria Court and SpeedycardsPH, and the Blue Water Day Spa opted for a fun game of throwing hoops over rubber duckies, to name some.

I was sad to have missed the FREE Hair and Scalp Analysis that Regrow was offering, I mean, who doesn't have the hair fall problem nowadays? Most moms like me have them. I would've loved to get professional opinion about my case, just to know how severe or mild it is.

It was great to see other healthy brands joining in on the event other than Arla Philippines, I was delighted to see Cocio since I'm a self-confessed healthy chocolate drink lover and definitely curious about Vita Coco! Making Dave pick up some of these for me where they're available, again, just to find out what they're all about for myself.

Bloggers who attended the event were given FREE rice toppings with iced tea from Hotteok King, pizzas by Megawatt and Vita Coco Coconut Water to quench their thrist. Games, free food and drinks, new and familiar brands, and important insights from veterans in the blogosphere, that's what Dave and I missed in a nutshell at this year's Blogapalooza. Oh and of course Christian Bautista haha! Now I'm wondering if he serenaded everyone there? Sayang! Guess I'll just have to settle for Youtube videos and just hope to experience a live performance from him in the future. 

Even though we didn't get to attend this one, I know that the other bloggers will agree with us on how much we appreciate your taking into account our feedback from last year's event, for the accessible venue, internet and seats. Congratulations to the whole Blogapalooza team for another successful business-to-blogger event which boasts of 700+ attendees, 25 businesses, and 20 booths! It took a team of 12 people 5 months to prepare, 2 big bosses, and 1 Blogamomma to make Horizons possible. Kudos to all of you! Well done! 
By the way, how true is it that there's going to be a part 2 for 2016, that's why this one came earlier this year?! Keeping our fingers crossed on that one!

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Article published on May 24, 2016