Diamond Pens!

Getting pulled into the world of planners will not only introduce you to different planners alone (there's a lot of them), that's just for starters. It'll also open your eyes to a gazillion other things such as pens, stickers, laminators, embossing tools, fuse tools, paper cutting, punchers, charms, stamps and so much more. I specifically got hooked on pens, one kind of pen in particular, the diamond pen. It's one of the most sought after pens today! I kept running into this one on Instagram and just couldn't help but hunt it down!

Looking for the diamond pen wasn't that easy since I was kind of set on purchasing one from a local shop. I think most of us who are trying to get one prefers to purchase it locally, it's more convenient that way and the wait wouldn't be that long. It proved to be quite the challenge, one that I accepted wholeheartedly. I took to Instagram for my search by using the hashtag #diamondpen and found out that it was indeed an elusive item to us planner girls who reside in Asia. I didn't find it in Etsy which was kind of surprising, but I did see one seller on eBay, being sold as a pen used for weddings. As I said, I wanted to purchase it from a local shop and the one on eBay was from the US, so I just decided to just keep looking.

I started to look for planner girls in the Philippines who actually owned one already and asked how they got theirs. It led me to a social media shop called Gypsy Soul. And there I found my diamond pen! I sent the shop a message on Facebook asking about the pen because I didn't see it in the recent photos posted on their business page. They indeed had the pen on-hand, so I purchased one. Paid thru mobile banking and received my package 2 days after it got shipped. So there you have it! Check it out ladies, look no more!

Doesn't the pen look great with my Original Pillarbox Red Filofax planner? This ball-point pen is thicker than the usual black retractable Pilot pen that I favor. It writes smoothly on my 110gsm planner inserts from Webster's Pages that I can't help but use it everyday. It is admittedly a bit heavier than the usual pens because it's made of metal, but it doesn't really bother me. Once I got used to it, the extra weight of the pen didn't really matter. It's great as a gift for planner girls like me (hint, hint), for people who collect pens, as a wedding gift, or even a birthday gift. My eldest daughter just asked me if she could have one since it writes so nicely on paper, so even 11-year-old girls aren't immune to its beauty. My 2-year-old always snatches it away from me when she sees it out, she thinks it's a perfect-sized wand for herself. For me it's really a great buy since all the females in the house find it lovely, it doesn't hurt that it's useful too.

So Gypsy Soul was selling it when I purchased mine at the time, more than 2 months ago, here are their social media accounts:
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/GypsySoul-719891718115590/?fref=ts

But they transferred all of the diamond pen transactions to their planner and crafts account which is Nina and Belle, so if you plan to purchase one or two, or more, head on to their shop:

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Nina-and-Belle-400520830136396/
Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/nina.and.belle/

Here's another social media shop I recently discovered that sells them too: Aurora's Box
Be sure to check them out as they have more than just these lovely diamond pens for us crafter and planner girls! Their items sells like hot pan cakes, they run out so fast!

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/aurorasbox/
Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/aurorasbox/

That's it! The search is over, happy shopping ladies!


Article published on April 28, 2016