Breastfeeding in style

Breastfeeding isn't as easy as some people may think, so don't go saying that the moms who chose this route of feeding their babies has got it made. Yes, it's way convenient than fixing up a bottle when our LO gets hungry but we also have our own share of drawbacks in this journey that we decided to take upon ourselves, as mothers who want what's best for our kids. One of them is nursing in public or even at home but with the presence of guests. It's a good thing that nowadays there are clothes that are specifically made to make breastfeeding anywhere a cinch.

Of the breastfeeding/nursing wears that I've purchased online, Ellie & Me has definitely made quite a good impression on yours truly. Breastfeeding doesn't have to be boring when it comes to dressing up. With this brand's apparel as part of your wardrobe, a mom can still be stylish and sexy while nursing her baby. They offer only reasonably priced quality clothes that is convenient for those who choose to breastfeed their bundle of joy, especially the ones who are on the go.

For the past months that I've been wearing my pieces from Ellie & Me at home, our guests couldn't hide their awe when they find out that I was nursing our youngest son during their visit while I was conversing or even dining with them. They thought that our baby was just sleeping in my arms, little did they know that he was actually being fed the whole time I was with them. My son has a huge appetite, so he feeds a lot and for longer periods of time compared to his older siblings when they were at that same age. I love the fact that I didn't have to miss out on anything (the conversations, the food!), no longer do I need to hide in our bedroom when it's feeding time for our little one when we have guests around. This is my fourth time exclusively breastfeeding (yes, we are blessed with 4 kids) but the first time owning nursing wear while at it. I'm really happy how these clothes make breastfeeding easier for both me and my baby, it doesn't hurt that the designs are quite beautiful that you can't even tell that they're for nursing, at all.

I have already purchased 2 dresses from Ellie & Me, that I use on the rare times that I do go out but mostly for when we entertain at home. Check them out, aren't they lovely?

I also purchased some lingerie (my new favorite sleepwear) and a nursing bra to help me with the task of feeding my son for long hours in the day and night. I love how soft, smooth and most of all cool the fabric of the lingerie is, perfect to sleep in, in the hot summer nights. We aren't really fans of using the A/C, we'd rather get used to the heat since we do live in a tropical country, so my new sleepwear is just perfect to help me survive the usual weather we have!

(Photo Credits to Ellie & Me)

When you see the quality of their nursing wear, the grade of the fabric, the feel of it on your skin, down to the stitches on each piece, you will know for sure that you are getting your money's worth. This mom's getting some more!

Pregnant and planning to exclusively breastfeed your baby? Already breastfeeding but don't own a single piece of nursing wear? Head on to Ellie & Me for stylish quality clothing perfect for us breastfeeding moms! They're having a sale this summer, so don't miss out on that! Shopping at Ellie & Me will absolutely stretch your peso!


Article published on April 25, 2016