The Philippines' Biggest B2B: Business-to-Blogger Networking and Marketing Event is back!

Who's excited for this year's Blogapalooza? I know I am!
Blogapalooza back in 2011, started out as a small business-to-blogger networking and marketing event that had just a few sponsors. Over the years, however, it became bigger and bigger – reaching hundreds of brands and media partners with thousands of participating Bloggers who want to link up with brands. Now on its fifth year of connecting businesses and online influencers together with the hopes of building relationships between them in a way that they never have before.

On May 21, 2016, Blogapalooza brings to us HORIZONS. The biggest business-to-blogger event in the Philippines will be held at Elements Centris, where exciting giveaways, prizes, and surprises await you. You can also gain useful insights from invited speakers who are industry leaders in their own right.

Since 2011, Blogapalooza has been a much-anticipated event wherein businesses and bloggers can interact with each other and exchange ideas through presentations and trade shows together with fun networking activities. Every year, this event is a catalyst for new connections and campaigns for hundreds of brands and bloggers alike.
With its reach of a total viewer base of five million from its blogger network and links to brands, Blogapalooza’s plans of transforming how businesses and bloggers interact are also coming to life.

Why should bloggers join this event?

  1. Find Advertisers / Sponsors
    They’d love to make you a full-time Blogger or, at least, get benefits of your Blog. They connect you straight with Advertisers / Sponsors who are looking to work with Bloggers with their campaigns.

  2. Meet Fellow Bloggers
    Get to meet fellow bloggers! Know the people behind the blogs and make new friends and network. Make new Blogger friends offline and online!

  3. Save Money
    It’s hard enough that you have to run your Blog, but to travel to different places and events would cost you a lot in transportation fees. By merging Business events under one venue, you save time and money!

  4. Freebies & Samples
    Aside from interacting with Businesses, they give out freebies and samples to help you review or feature them better. So expect a lot of freebies when you attend.

  5. Be Updated
    It’s about getting the latest information from Businesses on their new products or services. Be the first to break the news, and help get more visits to your Blog!

  6. Save Time
    Imagine being able to cover a lot of Businesses in one day and under one roof! This saves your precious time of traveling to different locations and allows you to have more time in Blogging.

If like me, you wish to discover new opportunities, collaborate, and explore the uncharted with Blogapalooza, sign up now at! Don’t miss out on this!

Article published on April 30, 2016