Baby Food From Scratch

Yes, this dad cooks baby food from scratch for his kids. Sharing with you my very own recipe that is always a hit with our little ones. The Little Hulk and Little Miss Banshee could eat two full bowls in one sitting when they had it back in the day. And now I'm looking forward to making it for our new born when he's old enough to be introduced to solid food.

10 pcs large sized sweet potatoes (orange/purple)
6 quail eggs (for babies 1 year and older)
4 tbsp unsalted Butter
(for babies 1 year and older)
Turmeric powder
Black Pepper

Note: You can substitute homemade Chicken Stock instead of Butter and Water for babies 1 year and older

Peel sweet potatoes and cut them into cubes
Put them in a pot
Add 3-5 pinches of salt, turmeric powder and black pepper
Add water - just enough to cover the sweet potatoes half way
Turn on the stove
Bring it up to a boil then put on low and simmer until soft
Set aside

Take the quail eggs out of the shell and place them in a bowl
Heat up 1/2 cup of water in a small pot
Add the quail eggs and turn off the heat, mix
Pour into the pot of sweet potatoes
Use a hand blender to turn it into mash directly in the pot
Add the butter and more water/stock until you get the right consistency

This sweet potato puree is a sure winner when it comes to our kids, even adults like me enjoy it as a side dish. By the way, sweet potato is rich in Vitamin C & E, a great source of Manganese & Beta-Carotene and has a high fiber content. The addition of quail eggs provides a lot of protein for babies a year older and above. Try it and see if your baby likes it as much as ours does.

Baby food such as this, made from scratch is way better than the store bought variety. It's healthier and cheaper. You will, without a doubt, stretch your peso on this one!

Article published on February 6, 2016