Breastfeeding-friendly dresses

Already on the brink of giving birth, I suddenly decided to invest in maternity wear that doubles as nursing wear after I deliver our fourth bundle of joy this year. As vocal breastfeeding advocates (Dave and I, that is), featuring clothes that can help moms with nursing their child is indeed something to blog about. I've enlisted the help of my trusty social media shopping buddy, Instagram to assist me in my hunt for the perfect clothes.

Their goal is to provide affordable nursing and maternity wear to all moms. Upon seeing their selection of nursing-friendly clothes, I opted to order some dresses for myself. I got 4 of their designs that caught my eye:

Lace in blue

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Alice in purple

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Roma in rose pink and blue

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and Mamas in blue and brown.


Is an online shop catering to moms (like the owner) and their babies (like the owner's daughter, Ellie). Sharing with you their journey, hence the store name, Ellie&Me. They have fashionable nursing/breastfeeding clothes and other products related to it. Soon, other items will be added, items that they have found helpful in their journey as mommy and baby. I loved a lot of the designs and even Dave was impressed when I showed him their IG feed, unfortunately not all of them were available at the moment, so I only got to order 2 dresses from the shop. See, they sell pretty fast so I recommend you purchase some for yourself right away or you'll end up running out on limited pieces of each design.

Waiting on these Maxi dresses around January-Feb, plus a Lacey nursing dress and a plum colored Greek one. :)

(Photo Credits to Ellie&Me)

I have actually received my orders via courier from both Mome and Ellie&Me a few days ago, went ahead and washed them immediately. Now sporting them at home since we all know that I rarely go out even when I'm not pregnant. They're stylish, comfortable and very convenient since I'm still nursing my 2 year old up until now. Definitely beats my usual shirt and leggings get up at home which isn't as easy to nurse in like in my new dresses. Let's see if I have the guts to do a photo op wearing my new maternity/nursing wear from these fabulous shops. I'll update this article once I manage to summon up the courage to do so haha!

These online shops just shows us that breastfeeding can still be fashionable with outfits that doesn't have to break the bank. If you're on the look out for affordable yet trendy maternity wear that can double as nursing wear after you give birth then you'd better check them out! I definitely stretched my peso on my new wardrobe from both of these stores, getting me some more for sure!

Article published on December 12, 2015