Get organized with name labels

When you run a household that has more than 3 kids, being organized can be a bit of a challenge but necessary to maintain some sense of peace. I already have a 10-year-old and 2 toddlers running about, not to mention another one on the way which makes me wonder if I can possibly cope and keep it orderly around our house after giving birth in 2 months. So I'm always on the look out for anything that can help ease my way into achieving just that.


One of my recent discoveries that I honestly think can assist me are the name labels by StickerKid. Labeling my kids' things, from their shoes, clothes and even school supplies especially when they are sharing a closet and study space is just pure genius. Not everyone is blessed with a good memory and getting things mixed up is a common thing in our household unless it's me haha, most moms have a knack for remembering even the smallest details. These chaotic scenarios can definitely be prevented through labels. Name labels also don't have to be boring, with StickerKid you can customize the color, font, font color, font size and even the avatar. Check out the name labels I ordered especially for Miss Artsy!

Don't they just look great? We got the Discover StickerKid Pack which includes 60 small name labels for most of her belongings, shoe stickers enough for 7 pairs and 20 removable Iron-on labels for her clothes. That's a total of 94 stickers all in all. I played around a bit with the icons, colors and fonts that I knew our eldest would like. I also made sure to pick a color and design that would definitely pop for the shoe labels. It was a lot of fun designing them on their user-friendly website. I was surprised to find out that all StickerKid products are made in Switzerland and that it took them several years to develop the amazing technology that meets the needs of both children and parents. They only use the highest quality materials and each label is protected with a thin plastic layer that ensures us that their products can withstand any challenge which is unique in itself. 

The name labels (small and shoe stickers) are quite something, they can survive microwaves (not that we use or own one), dishwashers, water, the sun, sand and the wear and tear of school and sports. They stick on glass, plastic, wood and even metal. The quality of the stickers indeed is of a certain standard, they held on tightly on all the flat surfaces that we placed them on. Just make sure that wherever you plan to stick them is clean, dry and free of any grease.

I love the fact that they don't add their brand name to the stickers like most companies do, because they believe that kids should clearly be free of advertising, at last a company that speaks my language!

I left Miss Artsy in charge of the small stickers for her school and art supplies. She had a lot of fun sticking them carefully unto her notebooks and pens, making sure that all of them are well placed with no air bubbles between the sticker and the surface. I had the honors of putting two shoe stickers on her favorite pairs of flats, which was easier. Not bad for first timers if I do say so myself.

We haven't tried the removable iron-on labels for her clothes yet though (I haven't touched an iron for more than 2 years), will try them out in a couple of days and see how they go. These clothing stickers can withstand at least 45 washings at 60° Celsius, are made of soft material and wouldn’t irritate a child's sensitive skin. I can't wait to use them!

My daughter loves it that all of her belongings are properly labeled now. Her notebooks, craft items, pens, clipboard, and even her shoes sporting  her name on them just feels right in her opinion. I love how the stickers turned out in the end. Just thinking about the possibilities of how these sticker labels can help me keep everyone around the house organized, and I'm not just talking about the kids, makes me giddy with delight!

I know a lot of moms like me will find StickerKid labels very useful when it comes to organization in general, so what are you waiting for? Head on to and get yourselves some gorgeous high quality custom labels made with ❤!

Article published on November 13, 2015