Celebrity Birthday Cakes

The heavy hitters of our local entertainment industry are celebrating their birthdays left and right, and their respective fans can't help but be curious about every single detail of each special event in their idol's life. One of the first things that comes to mind when we think of celebrity birthdays is admittedly the cake. What does it look like? How many layers does it have? What are the cake flavors? Who made it? Did the celebrant love it? How much did it cost? Well, I don't know about all of them, but here are some of the fabulous birthday cakes created recently by Honey Glaze Cakes for their celebrity clientele.

Ms. Anabelle Rama

We all know that it takes a lot of gutz to take on the Gutierrezes as clients, and Honey Glaze Cakes has the confidence to do that, not just once, but twice! After creating a wonderful under the sea themed cake for one of the youngest in this showbiz family, they also made Ms. Anabelle Rama's birthday cake during her celebrity soiree. Check it out! It is an undoubtedly fabulous cake befitting the matriach of the Gutierrez clan! Don't you just love how on point they were when it came to the details on each of the decorations for the cake? And to think that they're all handmade from sugar! Nothing but the best for Ms. Anabelle.

(Photo Credits to Nice Print Photography and Exige Weddings)

Since she is a celebrity and is known to love signature bags and other fashion accessories, Ms. Aileen and her talented team created a cake for her that reflects her sense of style.

(Photo Credits to Honey Glaze Cakes)

Ai-Ai delas Alas

"The Philippine Queen of Comedy" and "Comedy Concert Queen," Ms. Ai-Ai delas Alas certainly knows how to throw a party. And for her awesome birthday bash this year she chose a well-loved kiddie theme to celebrate another prosperous year in her life. It was definitely a day full of laughs and fun with her family and close friends.

(Photo Credits to Nice Print Photography and Exige Weddings)

The birthday theme chosen by Ms. Ai-Ai this year was Minnie Mouse, so the Honey Glaze Cakes team customized a cake for her that would match perfectly with the said theme. The colors red, black and white really are striking together, sort of like the birthday girl.

(Photo Credits to Honey Glaze Cakes)

Daniel Matsunaga

One of the lead stars of the highly-anticipated soap Be My Lady, acting opposite his lady love Erich Gonzales, is Brazillian actor, Daniel Matsunaga. He was thrown a surprise birthday party by his co-actors and the staff during one of their tapings and Honey Glaze Cakes was part of it. The actor's love for football is so evident on the cake, wouldn't you agree? Ms. Aileen and her wonderful team made a cake that definitely showcases Daniel's heritage and field of interest. That football looks so real that I can't quite believe that it's handmade from sugar!

(Photo Credits to Nice Print Photography and Exige Weddings)

The lovely couple, Daniel and Erich both loved Honey Glaze Cakes' best seller, the Belgian Chocolate cake. I for one am a diehard fan of the said premium cake flavor, you guys should try it!

These show-stopper birthday cakes befitting our local stars by Honey Glaze Cakes indeed are amazing! They're all custom made for each celebrity making it uniquely theirs. The ingredients used in each masterpiece are only of high quality, ensuring that they don't only look great aesthetically but also taste absolutely yummy. Nothing but the best when it comes to the stars, and they've definitely met their mark by choosing Honey Glaze Cakes.

Visit Honey Glaze Cakes' office and cake studio for a free cake tasting and see samples of their artistically handcrafted cake decorations, you'll surely be amazed at the detail & quality of each design. Try out their wonderful premium cake flavors that will absolutely satisfy your palate. They only use the best quality products ensuring each of their clients will get their money's worth. Check out Honey Glaze Cakes today and book them for your event right away!

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Article published on November 16, 2015