Special moments made sweeter with Amada's

Little did we know that a delicious treat was awaiting us at the Blogapalooza this year, I'm talking about the custardy goodness by Amada's Leche Flan & Desserts. It was one of the first few booths that caught my eye while we were browsing around the One Esplanade. My curiosity was certainly peaked the minute I saw their sweet offering since leche flan was an ordinary dessert to the typical Filipino. I wanted to know first-hand what sets theirs apart from the rest to boldly promote their product at the Blogapalooza. Showcasing your product or service at an event like this one is serious business, it has got to be something special.

So Anne and I didn't waste a second and since she was already 6 months into her pregnancy at the time, I had the honors of tasting the dessert while she talked to Osep and I had a chat with Jo-ed, the nephew of the gifted people behind the special leche flan. After sampling some, I found out that it is indeed on a class of its own. Their leche flan was stunningly flavorful, smooth, thick, rich and creamy. It was sweet but didn't go overboard like some that just tasted like straight up sugar. It was absolutely delicious. I kept thinking of how good it would taste when I spread it on my pandesals for weekend breakfasts.

From our conversation with Jo-ed, we found out that the leche flans were freshly made by his aunts that morning, all the way from Bicol! They wanted to keep the integrity of their flans no matter what and didn't even consider making them way ahead of time before the event. Even the ingredients were of a certain standard, they don't use any preservatives or additives unlike the mass-produced varieties. It was simply made of eggs (strictly yolks only), milk, a touch of vanilla and a whole lot of love plus the caramel syrup that goes with it which is of course the usual water and sugar combo. Freshly made and only with quality ingredients!

When we dug even deeper into the story of Amada's leche flan, we also discovered that it took them years to convince their aunts to even consider sharing this well kept family recipe with the public. For the longest time, only their loved ones and close friends in Camarines Norte alone could indulge in this very dessert. And now, thanks to Jo-ed and his family's tireless efforts (let's also thank their Titas for finally allowing it), we can now sink our teeths into this treasured recipe.

Amada's leche flan was admittedly one of the highlights of our first Blogapalooza experience. I couldn't forget its unique taste that I just had to have some more and share them with my colleagues at the office. I ordered 15 flan in a jars which Osep and Jo-ed themselves delivered for FREE! We had them for dessert right after lunch and my co-workers fell in love with them as expected. Of course I took a couple of jars with me home, so that Anne can have a few bites, but she's not allowed to finish an entire jar. She can do that after she gives birth, we'll order some just for her by then.

Check out Amada's Leche Flan & Desserts today! Make your special moments even sweeter with their home-made quality dessert offerings! Their yummy quality leche flans made with love will definitely stretch your peso.

You may call 0917-714-6737 or email them at amadasdesserts@gmail.com for your orders and inquiries.


Article published on November 12, 2015