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What is better than a 3-day sale? An App that tells you exactly which item is on sale and how much you will be saving! People who are constantly on the hunt for savings will find SNIPE very useful in their search for the best deals. SNIPE is a mobile App developed by a Group of Filipino friends from Las Pinas who thought that it would be great to have an app which can tell people where to find the best deals in popular malls in Metro Manila.

I spoke to Marc, the App developer of SNIPE, during the annual Blogapalooza held in One Esplanade last Oct 25, which you can read about here. He said that the idea came to him as he happened on an item on sale which he never would have known had he not been there. This was the seminal experience which led him to develop the location-based, bargain hunting, coupon generating app which is SNIPE.

Here is how it works. The app detects the mall which you are currently shopping in, during mall operating hours. It then generates a list of items that are on sale which can be found in that particular mall. These items are shown as coupon stubs which you can SNIPE by passing your finger in the dotted line, similar to ripping a paper coupon from its perforated perimeter. The coupon stubs shown by SNIPE tells you the shop selling the item, its original price, the sale price and a picture of the item. Get Instant validation that you've just scored yourself a deal by SNIPping the coupon. Now go to the shop and show the coupon in your phone to get the bargain and stretch your peso. What I would usually do is hang around a coffee shop for a bit while reviewing the items on sale through SNIPE and save them in the built in wallet of the app. Once I get all the coupons I want, I make a bee line to the shops selling the items. My bargain hunting is done within an hour. Now I have more time to spend on things which matter, like spending it with family and friends.

SNIPE was launched on August 11, 2015 and is available for download on Android and iOS devices absolutely free of charge. It requires you to sign up using either your Facebook profile or an email address. You will also need to turn on the location services for this app to bring you bargains. A quick tutorial is also provided which brings you up to speed on how to stretch your peso using SNIPE.

SNIPE is the app for me when it comes to efficient bargain hunting. Have you used SNIPE lately? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below.

Check out their website or their Facebook page for more details.

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Article published on November 2, 2015