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It isn't a secret that my family and I became huge fans of Honey Glaze Cakes right after they made my mom's beautiful 3-tiered custom cake for her 60th birthday soiree at the Sulo Riviera Hotel, back in 2013. We were sold after the first bite during the cake tasting when we visited their office which was a rented out space and not the gorgeous cake studio they have today. They have indeed come a long way since then, with more clients based here and abroad loving their designs and premium cake flavors, including local celebrities like Yeng Constantino, Jennylyn Mercado, the Gutierrez family and so much more. They have proven themselves when it comes to creating customized cakes that taste as good as they look.

Let us countdown the reasons why more and more people are choosing Honey Glaze Cakes to be part of  their special occasions.

1. They make stunning custom cakes that are uniquely yours

They design each cake according to their client's specifications and budget. We have to admit that custom cakes are way better than the usual ones we go for in bake shops that would be the same in every table in every household for every occasion. A custom cake can be anything you want, it can reflect one's personality or even showcase his/her love for art, music, and other fields of interest. The sky is the limit.

2. Their premium cakes are absolutely divine

All of their premium cake flavors taste absolutely scrumptious. Their best seller, which is the Belgian Chocolate Cake satisfies even a dessert conosieur's palate. A certain crowd-pleaser that is a favorite among their clients, both celebrities and non-celebrities alike. The carrot walnut cake and red velvet are just heavenly in my opinion and are on a class of their own. And their cheesecakes? Well, they're to die for! I certainly loved their blueberry cheesecake when I got to taste it again and again, you should try it too sometime!

3. They don't skimp on quality ingredients

If you're looking for cheap cakes that taste like straight up sugar, then you won't find it at Honey Glaze Cakes. They only use premium quality ingredients, from the chocolate down to the nuts they use in each baked goody, hence the jampacked with flavor confections they deliver every time.

4. Their decorations are all handmade from sugar

No cake is the same when it comes to the decorations adorning them since they are all carefully hand-made by Ms. Aileen and her talented crew. If that doesn't make one feel extra special, then I don't know what does! Haha.

5. Free cake tasting!

A cake tasting, and a free one at that, definitely shows how confident Honey Glaze Cakes is with what they can offer. I know for a fact that once you've taste their premium cake flavors, there is no way that you won't book them for your event at the end of the day, just for the taste alone!

6. Food safety

Their clients' safety when it comes to their cakes and pastries is of high importance to them. That's the whole reason behind their choice of only handmade sugar flowers for decor as opposed to using regular fresh flowers that could lead to food poisoning. Fresh flowers unless certified organic (which comes with a hefty price tag) are sprayed with tons of pesticides and shouldn't even touch food to avoid harmful chemical contamination. Handcrafted sugar flowers on the other hand are quite safe.

7. Celebrities fall in love with their cakes too

If their cakes are good enough for celebrities like Marian Rivera-Dantes, who is used to only getting the best that money can buy, that definitely says a lot about the quality of cakes and services that they offer. So why look anywhere else?

Have a birthday, baptismal, a product launch, baby shower, bridal shower, or even a wedding coming up? Make sure to check out Honey Glaze Cakes! Visit their fab office and cake studio for a free cake tasting and see samples of their handcrafted cake decorations, which will surely amaze you and your guests with its taste and the quality of each design. Try out their wonderful premium cake flavors that will absolutely satisfy your taste buds.They only use quality ingredients to make sure that each of their clients will get their money's worth. Book Honey Glaze Cakes for your special day now!

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Article published on November 4, 2015