Our Top 5 Picks!

The Blogapalooza, held at the One Esplanade a week ago was an event where businesses get to connect with bloggers and vice versa. It's also an opportunity to meet up with fellow writers in the industry and establish relationships which we didn't exactly do last Sunday haha. We left pretty early and most of the bloggers I knew online arrived after we were gone, some even by the time we were already home. Oh well, there's always next year and other blog events at that. For now, let's talk about the businesses that joined in!

Stretch Your Peso is all about a lifestyle of value hunting and not all of the booths at the event fit our blog's niche, so to speak. We've been known for our health advocacy as well, so other than the lechon and homemade leche flan that Dave and I tasted, the other food products just didn't cut it. There was one booth that I definitely kept my distance from, since I'm allergic to perfumes, I didn't want my sinuses acting up haha.

We quickly weaved through One Esplanade to check out all of the booths but only talked to the representatives of the products/services that we knew would interest us and our valued readers. Here's our top 5 list of brands at the Blogapalooza, which in our honest opinion will absolutely stretch your peso:

  1. Snipe PH


    Snipe is a location-based shopping application, available for both iOS and Android devices, that lets you discover deals and bargains inside the mall that you're already in, in a flash! You don't have to walk around the mall or go into each shop/boutique just to check if they have ongoing promos or sales anymore. With the Snipe app you can get shopping suggestions and are able sift through deals with just the swipe of your finger!

    Discover deals, save time & money, all while having fun shopping!

  2. Food Panda

    Food Panda's Delivery Service is the quick and easy way to order your favourite meals from 500+ restaurants online! Why opt for food delivery? Well, so you can save time, energy and money while enjoying a delicious meal at the comfort of your home! That's why!

    It's very easy to order
    yummy food from the wide array of restaurants from Food Panda, either through their user-friendly website or smartphone app for free. Just pick your favorite restaurant and order the dishes you want, then make an online payment or opt for cash on delivery. It's so convenient!

  3. Laurus Enterprises: Books on Financial Wisdom

    How to be a Money-Smart Parent
    and Raise a Money-Smart Kid by Marnie Prudencio
    Who doesn't want to be a money-smart parent or one who can raise money-smart kids, right? These books are definitely must-reads for parents like us who want our whole family to be money savvy. Improving one's financial literacy and education through resources such as these books can help a great deal. On top of that, it's from a local author and we're huge when it comes to supporting local! Aren't you? Let's #SupportLocal

  4. vOffice Philippines

    vOffice, in short for Virtual Office, can give entrepreneurs everything they need to efficiently run their business but with less the cost of maintaining a physical office. It provides them a prestigious business address, telephone & fax number, even a highly skilled receptionist to answer calls, working space, fully equipped meeting facilities, on-demand secretary and so much more.

    vOffice has served over 18,000 clients since the year 2003 from their 25 offices around the Philippines.

  5. Emporia PH

    EMPORIA is the Philippines' newest digital platform that features a variety of online brands, offering convenience and security in cyberspace shopping.

    Being a self-confessed avid online shopper on Instagram, I was definitely impressed with the whole concept of Emporia. They provide both the online sellers and consumers on Instagram security that has been a problem for years now, although I have been spared this on my end. The dreamy shipping fee savings is a huge plus! You get to buy from different shops with minimal delivery cost! A single transaction shipping fee at last! I can't wait for the app to be available on iOS! I know a lot of the ladies do!

Individual articles featuring each of these businesses (even some that are not on this list) coming up soon!

Hi, fellow bloggers, did your favorite booth make it on our list? How about you, what are your top 5 brands at the Blogapalooza?


Article published on October 28, 2015