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First of all, I want to apologize for the crappy photos that don't do any of my goodies from Planners and Journals the justice they deserve, but it was all I could manage in a hurry. Having two active toddlers on the verge of waking up when I'm not beside them sleeping and the risk of them both getting into my P&J kit or worse, damaging any of them made me just take quick shots on our dining table haha. I was actually planning to to do a setup with all the trimmings so badly, specifically for these, but unfortunately I could only do a simple 5-minute photo shoot at best, right after unboxing the package. This is how it has been for the past few months, a lively house with little toddling ones can do that to you haha. With that out of the way, let's move on to my first planner kit and Dailydori which I'm dying to tell you all about.

So I purchased a small kikki.K Lilac and Gold Time planner just last month, story here, but wanted something else other than the original inserts that came with it. I've been eying Planners and Journals for quite some time, even before I got a planner because their monthly kits were beautifully put together. They were irresistible in my honest opinion, so there was no question about subscribing for the coming month. I went to check out their recent posts on Instagram and was delighted to find out from their sneak peak photos that Cynthia Renard, who is based in France, was going to be part of the October kit! I am a huge fan of hers and couldn't believe that I just got handed the perfect opportunity to own some of her works! I took it as a sign!

Bonjour! October Planner Kit Sneak Peek! LOVE CYNTHIA 15 Sheets of colored double-sided daily pages (for A5, Personal or Pocket size) 5 Sheets of colored double-sided weekly in 2 pages (for A5, Personal or Pocket size) 3 Sheets of colored double-sided weekly in 1 page (for A5, Personal or Pocket size) *2 Traveller's Notebook (1 blank and 1 daily) with pocket folder type cover(for Passport or Standard size only) 2 Sample Card Stocks 8 pieces Journaling Cards (3x4 and 4x6) 1 pack of Ephemeras 1 pack of Wood Veneers 2 sheets of planner stickers by @theworldoffraffee 1 small Cynthia doll 1 tassel from @tali_ti_amianan Layout and printing of inserts, cardstocks, dividers, journal cards and ephemeras by the P&J Design Team. Collaborated with @lovecynthia, @tali_ti_amianan and @theworldoffraffee #plannersandjournals #plannerph #planner #journalph #journal #filofaxph #plannernerd #fauxdori #fauxdoriph #planneraddict #plannersupplies #stationery #stationeryph #craft #craftph #papercraft #plannergoodies #papergoodies #papercraft #stationeryfinds #leathernotebook #leather #mtn #tn #travelersnotebook #iloveplannersandjournals #PnJplannerkit #ilovepnj #homegrown #handmade #dailydori
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It was settled then, set in stone. I was definitely subscribing to next month's planner kit, but before I could even get to the part of sending them a message thru Viber, I scrolled down and saw this post:

Right now, I'm fixated on Coral, but I always had a soft spot for the color Red for the last decade or so and I just could not not get a Dailydori in this exact shade! It's the same color as most of my favorite clothes in my closet. Yup, definitely getting me a passport sized one for a planner/journal/notebook/wallet plus some accessories and its own October Kit. I also made a mental note to get some floral plain dividers, pocket dividers and envelope dividers for my kikki.K planner. Decision made, I hurriedly sent them a message thru Viber and was given instructions on how to place an order. I then waited for a confirmation email which included the details on how to settle payment and when I could expect my orders to be delivered to my home. I paid my bill using the BPI Mobile app and sent them a copy of the proof of payment immediately. Got another confirmation from them and just waited for my orders to be shipped. A couple of days later and here they're are:

Xend was the courier that they used and my October planner kits came in these kraft boxes, which I really like. That's my kikki.K's planner kit you see on the image above, together with the plain, pocket and envelope dividers that I ordered.

The Planners and Journals October Kit, Bonjour features hand crafted/hand made products from local sellers and makers such as:

Cynthia Renard (also known as @lovecynthia) - Characters
@tali_ti_amianan - Tassle Charm
@windelwoodcraft - Wooden Veneers
@theworldoffraffee - Planner Stickers
Old Balara Livelihood Program - Cynthia Pillow
P&J Team - Card stocks, inserts layout, dashboards, journal cards, ephemeras, and traveler's notebook

Here are my floral plain, pocket and envelope dividers, aren't they just lovely? And they fit my small time planner just perfectly. I can't wait to fill them up with ephemeras, journal cards, stickers and other planner goodies!

Check out my Scarlet Red Passport size Dailydori! My first ever locally hand made traveler's notebook, which comes with 2 blank inserts. I purchased a card & zip pocket pouch, a kraft pocket and of course it's own October planner kit so it doesn't get left out of the loop.

Pretty satisfied with my purchases from this shop overall. They were very kind and prompt in answering all of my inquiries and catering to my last minute whims. The items I received were all delivered in good condition, in a timely manner and are undoubtedly of high quality. I love that they have BPI as one of the modes of payment, and that the whole transaction was quick and smooth. The only problem now is this recent post:

Now they have Coral! Now they have Coral, haha. I guess I have to save up for this one apart for the subscription for next month's planner kit, I am dead set on owning a Coral one, that's for sure!

More about the P&J October planner kit and my Scarlet Dailydori on separate follow up articles on the blog, so stay tuned fellow plannerds!

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and Cynthia Renard too!

Article published on October 7, 2015