Educational Wooden Toys Galore

Last month, I was wracking my brains out with what to get the kids other than books just for something different. I was browsing through a lot of local parent groups that I was a member of on Facebook to see what was available. Some educational wooden toys caught my eye, especially the ones that were for boys which would be perfect for our Little Hulk. I didn't buy purchase any right away but instead did a little comparing of price tags, being that there were a lot of parents out there selling the same stuff.

I suddenly remembered that there was a certain fellow mom blogger, Katrina, who hinted about opening a shop that sold the exact items I wanted. I went to her personal Instagram account just to make sure if she pushed through with it, and found out that she and her husband did. She even had an article about it on her blog, Call Me Mrs. A and had a giveaway for their website's opening promo, which you can read about here. Too bad I missed said giveaway haha.

The shop's website was undergoing construction but I planned to check the toys on their Instagram account anyway and transact the usual way I do, thru Viber and online banking for payment haha. It's just easier for me. When I went there, I was delighted to find out that she was selling them at more affordable prices compared to the others. So I decided then and there that I would purchase the wooden toys I had in mind from Mom and Milly. Here's the one that really caught my eye:

A photo posted by Educational Toys For Tots (@momandmilly) on

I showed the Handy Man Wooden Set to Mr. D and let him browse through the toys a little more with Miss Artsy to choose which other ones to get. They made a list and I contacted Katrina thru Viber that same night. We decided to get:

  • Handy Man Wooden Set
  • Wooden Letter Blocks with Box
  • Chunky Wooden Building Blocks
  • Wooden Jenga
I filled up an Order Form and got the details on how to settle payment. I paid thru the BPI mobile app the next day, sent her a screenshot of the successful fund transfer and and just waited for the tracking number for the shipment. We got the wooden toys we ordered in just a couple of days and the kids just love them.

Again, pretty happy with the purchases we did online. Can't thank online sellers enough for the quick and smooth transactions we've had with all of them so far, Mom and Milly falls in the same category as well. Delivered straight to your doorstep, to me, is just a piece of heaven. I think they have new items now, off to see what more I can get my little tykes! Check them out!

Article published on October 1, 2015