The Royal Family of Philippine Showbiz

Yes, we don't watch television in our household, but it doesn't mean that I am not up to date when it comes to huge stories like the Gutierrez family having their own reality tv show on E! since June of last year. Yes, I know about It Takes Gutz To Be A Gutierrez, indeed. That, and the fact of them having already 3 seasons under their belt, obviously the show is a hit with their target audience.

I grew up knowing this famous family since the twins, Richard and Raymond's Birch Tree commercial "Kakambal sa Paglaki" days, up to now that they're undoubtedly all grown up and still making waves in showbiz. Also known to me is the news that Richard and his partner Sarah Labhati left their home network and are now being seen in various Kapamilya shows, not sure about my say on that since I don't really care about the network wars going on between the 2 giants of local television.

Anyway, the bottom line is you do not mess with this showbiz royal family, especially their matriarch, Anabelle Rama who serves as the talent manager for all of their (her and Eddie Gutierrez') children in the entertainment industry. She is one feisty lady, who won't hesitate to tell you what's on her mind in that instant. If she likes something, she'll let you know, and if she doesn't, you can bet she'll express her dislike even more. You will definitely need a lot of guts to take on the Gutierrez' as clients.

I was rendered speechless when I found out that Honey Glaze Cakes took on the task of creating Anabelle Rama's granddaughter's cake for an extravagant first birthday party fitting for people of their celebrity status. Here are some pictures from baby Aria's (Elvis & Alexandra Gutierrez's little girl) Under The Sea themed birthday party taken by Nice Print Photography & Exige Weddings:

The 6 feet tall cake was an absolute show stopper and comes up to par with the whole under the sea theme that they picked for this special event. Just look at the artistry and detailing of the cake:

Photo Credits to Honey Glaze Cakes

All of the decorations that you see on this delectable masterpiece are handcrafted from sugar by the talented pastry chef Ms. Aileen and the Honey Glaze Cakes team. Just looking at the pictures makes me think of Disney's the Little Mermaid, I feel like Ariel haha. Honey Glaze Cakes took on the task of baking for the Gutierrezes and passed with flying colors on both taste and aesthetics, as expected from one of the best in the Philippine cake industry. The Gutierrez family loved their Belgian Chocolate Cake premium flavor (but who wouldn't, right?) and adored the beautiful design of the cake which baby Aria's grandmother's smile can attest to.

Photo Credits to Honey Glaze Cakes

If Anabelle Rama or any of her family didn't like the cake, we would've heard of it by now, and that's a sure thing. Kudos to Ms. Aileen and her team! That took a lot of GUTZ! Only people who are confident with the quality of products and services they can provide could pull off such feats as this one.

Want an under the sea inspired cake like Aria's for your little girl? Drop by Honey Glaze Cakes' office and cake studio for a cake tasting session and to see samples of their beautifully handcrafted cake decorations, you'll surely be amazed at the detail & quality of each design. Try out their wonderful premium cake flavors that will absolutely satisfy your palate. They only use the best quality products ensuring each of their clients will get their money's worth. Check out Honey Glaze Cakes today and book them right away!
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Article published on October 25, 2015