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So the other day, we found ourselves in a situation where Mr. D needed an affordable, good quality phone and fast. This was for the sole purpose of being able to be online on Viber 24/7 for his work. And there was only one Instagram shop, which I discovered quite recently also had a Facebook page haha, that came to mind, Gadget Headz Iloilo.

By now, my fondness of Instagram shops should be known to my "suki" readers. I love browsing through the said social media platform, doing transactions via Viber, paying by use of online banking and having the item delivered straight to my doorstep. So far, on my end, I have been fortunate enough to only experience hassle free and successful purchases for the last 2 years. Doing all of my shopping exclusively through Instagram meant that I became familiar with reputable shops, Gadget Headz Iloilo being one of them.

Gadget Headz sells brand new and second hand gadgets which usually centers on Apple devices such as the iPhone, iPad and MacBook. They also sell some Android devices from time to time, but I see mostly iPhones which are fast sellers due to its popularity. So, I said we needed an affordable, good quality smartphone and fast right? Getting a brand new unit wasn't in the cards, we just didn't think it was practical when all we needed was unlimited access to Viber on the go. We'd get a brand new one, but in this case it wasn't really necessary given the purpose of the purchase. This particular online shop takes pride from selling only original devices and doing honest business. When they say that the unit is as good as new, 98% smooth or 100% smooth then that's what it means and you can trust them on that. They even have a Money-Back Guarantee, which says a lot. They actually sell some units that have a bit of dents and scratches at lower prices for those who don't mind a bit of wear and tear for a more affordable rate. Here are some other facts you should know about Gadget Headz:

  • They don't do Installments or Lay Away
  • They don't sell Fakes or Clones, all of their gadgets are Original
  • They buy & accept trade in for specific gadgets
So, on to us trying to get a phone for Mr. D. We browsed through the units available by using the hashtag #ghiavailable. Found one we wanted, an iPhone 4s Black 32GB priced at 7.5k plus shipping fee and and contacted the shop via SMS only to find out that the specific unit has been sold already. So we settled for an iPhone 5 Black 32GB Openline priced at 13.5k plus shipping fee instead, which was still on hand. Mr. D filled up an order form, got their bank details, paid the next morning, sent a picture of the payment slip + one valid ID to Gadget Headz thru Viber using our family tablet and got the unit the day after that. Talk about fast.

I was the one who received the package a day after payment since Mr. D was out. It was heavily bubble wrapped to my satisfaction. I checked the unit and saw that it was indeed an original iPhone, the accessories aren't though which wasn't really an issue for us haha. We have owned other Apple devices before, brand new ones and weren't really impressed with the quality of the earphones or chargers that came in the box. They didn't last that long even though they were original. I SMSed Mr. D about his package arriving and gave him a report of my inspection, he totally agreed with me on the accessories, it was the unit being original and in good condition that was important.

I configured the iPhone, installed the necessary apps so that it was good to go when Mr. D arrived. Reminded him to get his sim card cut to Nano size so it would fit the phone's sim slot, get a screen protector and buy extra load for a month's worth of data plan. When he finally reached home and got a hold of his phone it was definitely a case of cave man what's that small contraption, since he hasn't used a smartphone in years. Just an old Nokia phone for calling and texting. It was hilarious to see him trying so hard to figure out how to work the phone. Anyway, he put the screen protector that he bought on, inserted his nano sim card into the phone and started exploring. I could see that it was a bit of a challenge for him but all in all a great buy from Gadget Headz haha! Thanks for the quick and smooth transaction guys! Until our next purchase!

Do check out Gadget Headz on Instagram and Facebook!
I am actually saving up to buy a phone for myself and of course from the same shop. Keeping my fingers crossed on that one since I always end up buying a planner or something once I get paid for the articles I write haha. Let's see if I can get an iPhone too for blogging of course and this year hopefully!

Article published on October 6, 2015