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I am a huge Instagram shopper, I rarely go out as you all know by now, so shopping with the use of social media has definitely been one of the best things for me, by far. It's so convenient and hassle free! For more than 2 years of making purchases online through this medium, I am fully aware of the fact that there are also some downsides, and here are two of the biggest ones:

  • Security Risks
    Ever heard of online scammers posing as legit sellers, bogus buyers and joy reservers? These are some of the dreaded red flag terms when it comes to online shopping that I've read about a lot, through posts of Facebook and Instagram shops or even from shoppers. It was even on the news one time. Glad I've never experienced it myself, didn't even have close calls. Guess, I have a sixth sense when it comes to scammers.
  • Individual Shipping Fee per Shop
    When you purchase items through social media you'll also discover that you won't find everything you want or need in a single shop. You will end up buying from different sellers for specific items that they carry which results in separate shipping fees for each purchase.

Emporia is the latest online shopping app in the Philippine scene which aims to bring together local online brands in one secure digital marketplace in support of the undoubtedly growing community of Instagram sellers and shoppers nationwide.

We came across this amazing app at the Blogapalooza last October 25, which I wrote about here. Emporia's actually part of our Top 5 brands at the event that we know for sure will stretch your peso, read about it here as well.

During the Blogapalooza, we had a chance to talk with Emporia Philippines' bubbly 19-year-old CEO, France Flores. The story of how the whole concept came about and the idea behind the Emporia app coming from one as young as her is truly inspiring and remarkably refreshing. Aspiring entrepreneurs should take a leaf out of her book and not let their age get in the way of making a difference and pursuing their dreams. It didn't stop France, as you can see.

Hearing about what this mobile app can do simply blew me away. Emporia is the answer to both of the concerns that I just mentioned when purchasing merchandise on Instagram. It provides a convenient and secure shopping experience for both sellers and shoppers online. Now you can shop without the fret of being scammed, with the confidence of always having a smooth successful transaction plus being charged for only a single shipping fee even when purchasing items from different shops! For the sellers, you won't have to worry about bogus buyers or joy reservers any longer, let Emporia Philippines handle that for you. And as part of their family of merchants, they'll even deal with product photos and shipping the items straight to your clients doorstep via Xend. I haven't tried the app yet myself, but I will one of these days and tell you all about it at length.

After having just launched last August, Emporia already has seven local brands on board namely Stash Manila, URBN Kulture, Classique Apparel, Dugout MNL, Aveadena, Tozza and Posh Boutique. They are still looking for more shops to join their growing family of merchants. So, calling all online Instagram sellers out there, you should definitely check them out!

Shop online with ease using the Emporia app! Download it on Google Play here. Coming very soon on iOS.

Instagram: @emporiaph

Or send an email to Uprise for more information.

Article published on October 29, 2015