Do-It-Yourself Business Card Design

Dave and I were very excited about the upcoming Blogapalooza this year at the One Esplanade. It was going to be our first ever blog event to join in on, so we took to our fellow bloggers who have attended the previous years for some tips and pointers on how to prepare for it. Boy, were we glad that some of them shared their experiences from the past Blogapaloozas and even posted helpful articles like this Survival Guide by Mamanee, for we were totally clueless and would have gone to the event with just ourselves and a couple of cameras in our arsenal.

One of the most essential things that we learned from their inputs was the importance of having business cards to hand out to businesses that were present at the event. It never even crossed our minds that we would be needing those, forgive the newbies. Anyway, the timing was just right since we've recently decided to give the blog a total makeover, so the business card layout/design would definitely have to be in sync with the new look Stretch Your Peso was going to be sporting. I was actually playing around of the idea of using kraft card stocks, or a black board so that the design would pop. I was overwhelmed with the many ideas that kept popping in my head that in the end I handed Dave total control over it because I just couldn't decide haha.

After he gave his final approval for the blog's new header design, he told me to use that image and start the business card layout from there. We both agreed to a clean and simple look which represents what our blog stands for to a tee. I just added our names, contact information, social media handles and our logo for the finishing touch as instructed by my husband. When we were both satisfied with the overall look of the card layout, I sent the image to Papelandia PH for printing. Dave chose a simple white board with rounded edges. I settled payment after getting confirmation of my order and the cards were shipped to our doorstep right away. We received them exactly 5 days before the Blogapalooza haha, yes, we were kind of cutting it short. At least we got them made right? Thanks to Papelandia PH!

We are so in need of a printer, so that some of our DIY projects won't have to be done halfway like this one. We are in the process of choosing one, leaning on purchasing a Brother based on the good reviews from parents and homeschooling households. But until then, shops like Papelandia PH are a huge help! By making our own layout, it took less time to get our cards printed out, not to mention cheaper since having them make the design would cost us more. We definitely stretched our peso! If you like what you just read please click to send a quick vote for me on Top Mommy Blogs- The best mommy blog directory featuring top mom bloggers

Article published on October 22, 2015