DongYan Baby Shower Cupcakes

Everyone in the country knows who Marian Rivera is, I know of her and I don't even watch television, at all, which definitely says a lot. She is the Primetime Queen of  GMA 7 who married her King, Dingdong Dantes last December in a star-studded fairytale wedding, which was all the talk for months, before the day itself and even long after. But the buzz about this showbiz royal couple doesn't stop there (and maybe it never will), because a few months later, in April 2015 to be exact, they announced that they were expecting their first child, that Marian Rivera-Dantes was well on her way to becoming a mom.

Upon the formal statement given by the primetime royal couple in the matters of their upcoming parenthood, their home network, GMA 7, was very understanding when it came to the sensitivity of the situation. Putting the mother and baby's welfare first, they let Marian pull out from various demanding projects that she was already working on for a lighter and stress-free schedule. This doesn't mean that she won't be seen by her fans anymore, far from it in fact. She is still very much visible in the showbiz scene, just focusing more on advertisements, tv guestings and hosting jobs at the moment.

One of the trending topics to date is the curiosity of the entire nation over Marian Rivera-Dantes' pregnancy. What's the gender? When is the baby due? Is she having just one, or twins, maybe? Any hints dropped by the couple about the pregnancy was devoured entirely by their fans and the media, which just spiked their appetite even more. Four months ago, Dingdong Dantes revealed via his Instagram account that they were having a girl.

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Now that everybody knew that they were having a baby girl, people couldn't wait for both Dingdong and Marian to name her. Only one thing was clear, the royal baby's first name would be Maria. 

Around the 3rd week of August, Marian revealed that she and her husband will announce their baby's full name to the public on her baby shower that was going to be held in a month's time. The news that they were at long last sharing their little angel's name kept everyone on their toes until the day finally arrived.

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Here are some of the photos (credits to Nice Print Photography & Exige Weddings) at the lovely DongYan baby shower that was thrown especially for the beautiful mom to be, Marian.

The gorgeous superstar mom to be looked utterly blooming and isn't her baby shower just the perfect fit for GMA 7's primetime queen? 

A baby shower is not exactly a tradition in the Philippines, it's more American, but we Filipinos are fast on the uptake when it comes to joining the bandwagon, especially the partying kind haha. It is indeed a great way to celebrate a new life. Like birthdays and other memorable occasions, sweet treats won't be far when anyone throws a baby shower. I've been to my fair share of them, not my own, and let me just say that cupcakes are one of the highlights next to the gifts, by far. I don't know about you, but I always tend to look for the cupcake tower or pray that their giveaway is a cupcake when I attend soirees.

Check out the Belgian Chocolate cupcakes that Honey Glaze Cakes made especially for Marian. Each decadent individual cupcake is covered with pink and white sugar ruffles depicting a Tutu design. Ms. Aileen and her team were definitely overwhelmed that she absolutely loved the cupcakes they made for her special day.

Wishing I was on her guest list so I could've seen these cupcakes up close and of course had a bite and took some home of course haha. I'm sure the baby, who's full name is Maria Letizia, by the way, would love a taste of these too! Once she's old enough, that is. Honey Glaze Cakes doesn't believe in skimping when it comes to quality ingredients, they provide their clients with only the best when it comes to their scrumptious offerings. It's no wonder why showbiz royalty like Marian Rivera-Dantes and many more celebrity A-listers in the country who are used to only the best enjoy Ms. Aileen's creations.

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Article published on October 21, 2015