Connect with your target audience

I have certainly learned a lot from blogging for more than a year now. It was in no small part due to the fact that a lot of experienced writers in the field lent this newbie a helping hand by sharing what they know. Yes, I did my own research. A ton of trial and error went down but the tips and sound advice from my seniors definitely helped me too. That's why, in the spirit of sharing I decided to write a couple of articles discussing the bits of knowledge that I have acquired which I honestly believe can help those who are just starting out.

One of the key points in connecting with your target audience is to never underestimate the power of social media. Yes, for passionate writers like us, focusing on quality content is the main thing but if nobody gets to read our work, what's the point? Social media is where everybody is, that's where our potential readers are that's why our blog's social media presence should be something we should work on, agreed?

I have been working on Stretch Your Peso's social media foot print on and off for the past year, I am no expert but here is what I have been doing so far that has worked to grow our audience base for free.
    1. Joining Facebook Blog Community groups (both local and international), especially those that have Comment, Facebook Like, IG, G+, Twitter Follow Exchange activities for members.
    2. Doing Giveaways on your Blog (make sure to include Social Media Follow as part of the rules to qualify)
    3. Join Social Media Follow Backs hosted by different blogs/marketing sites - try the searching for the hashtag #FanpageFriday on Facebook, and grow your own page following
    4. When a blogger posts a follow/like back request for his/her new social media account, don't hesitate to join in!
    5. Do not underestimate the power of Hashtags, I get follows just from the hashtags that I use haha.
    6. On Instagram, I Follow accounts (like posts and even leave comments occasionally) that interest me, like Food blogs, Planner Addicts, Mom Blogs, and they usually follow back
    7. Tagging companies/shops I do reviews on helps too (tag them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram), if they like the write up they'll follow your account back, post it on their own page and even go as far as to encourage their own fans to follow you as well.

      Getting followers is one thing, keeping them is another. Make sure your social media accounts are updated regularly to keep your existing followers interested and to reel new ones in. And I'm not just talking about plain links to your latest article. Adding catchy captions should keep it fun. Post attention grabbing custom images relevant to your blog. Come up with engaging posts that would let them interact with you through your social media channels. Be creative and interactive.

      That's it for now! Being new to the business means we don't have a lot of cash to burn on boosting/promoting our online footprint, but there are definite ways to do it without spending a single centavo. With these easy tips you can grow your social media presence while still stretching your peso!

      Article published on October 27, 2015