Finally Found One!

I wanted a planner, and there was no way I'd settle for anything else but a kikki.K for my very first one. I was dead set on that and decided to get a small Time Planner but not the new ones that came in Teal or Watermelon, they didn't just appeal to me that much compared to the old discontinued colors. There were some Instagram sellers who had them on hand, but they were either in Medium or Large sizes and were pretty expensive. Being a funsize mom, of course I wanted a small one, duh?

After months of trying to get my hands on a kikki.K small Time planner in either Black, Lilac and Gold, Mint or Mint with Gold Dots, I was on the verge of giving up when I stumbled upon Project X Planner's Instagram account and found one! I hurriedly went to their Facebook Page and sent them a message asking for the price of the small Time planner in Lilac and Gold. It was at a reasonable price so I filled up an order form, reserved it that day and paid half of the amount thru the BPI mobile app, as down payment since the actual planner was still in transit. Full payment + delivery fee were to follow once they had the item on hand ready for shipping.

This purchase actually tested my patience in a whole different level since I've been hunting for this particular planner for so long. The waiting was killing me haha, but I got through it and was ecstatic when I received a message from Project X Planner informing me that they had my kikki.K on hand. So I settled payment immediately and waited a couple of days for my package to arrive. Those days seemed so long, I was like a kid who couldn't wait for Christmas to come haha. And now this kikki.K planner that has yet to be named is in my clutches and there is no letting go. I haven't even written anything on it yet, still trying to figure out what pen to use and embellishments to put on among other things. I did purchase some accessories and journal cards over the weekend from different shops, now waiting for my orders to be delivered. 

Thanks to Project X Planner, the search for my first planner is now over! They don't only offer planners for pre-order, they also have other planner goodies like clear stamps, shaped paper clips, Project Life kits, those sought after page flags from Target and so much more! They're friendly and answered all of my inquiries promptly. It was such a smooth transaction that I wouldn't think twice about purchasing more items from them.

Check out there shop today!

I'm really getting into planners and thinking of starting my own collection together with planner goodies! Will keep you posted on my new hobby! :)

Article published on September 24, 2015