The certified homebody goes out for a day.

I don't go out much. Scratch that, I don't go out at all. So, on the rare occasions that I do (without Mr. D which is even rarer) a lot of people (namely my family and relatives) make a huge fuzz about it and worry about me, which embarrassingly includes myself actually haha. I see the "Are you sure you're gonna manage?" look more than I like, since I give them at least 3 months' leeway to wrap it around their pretty heads that I am indeed leaving the comforts of our house for a day, but just for a couple of house. I personally prefer not going out, but there are some exceptions to my own rules. And in this case, my bestfriend's dream birthday was one of them. I wouldn't consider missing it for the world.
I am very much happy to be home all day everyday and I wouldn't want it any other way. To other people, a mom's day out usually means taking a break or de-stressing, but for me it's the total opposite. It's an ordeal actually and I'd rather opt out of it if I can. That's why only special occasions and people can pry me away from my humble and loveable mom cave.

To give you an idea of what I did that special Sunday of the year, let me sum up my September day out. This, after almost 6 months straight of not leaving my mom cave except to catch some sun in our garden. Dunno if that counts as going out though haha!

  • Took a cab to SM Megamall in Ortigas.
  • Bought gifts (school supplies for the charity that my bestfriend chose as beneficiaries at her party, story here) at National Book Store.
  • Ate some savory and sweet baked goodies from Breadtalk, they were good!
  • Bought smoothies at Jamba Juice, I got chocolate of course.
  • Walked to Edsa-Shangrila, to Jollibee, it was a long one, I got the blistered feet to show for it. Good thing my cousin had band-aids in her bag haha.
  • Enjoyed the kiddie birthday party for a cause.
    • Pretended to eat the food (all the while just pushing them around haha)
    • Took pictures
    • Tried not to sneer at the Jollibee mascot (success!)
    • Did a lot of catching up with the celebrant's parents.
  • Looked for a newsboy cap my size at H&M (failed miserably)
  • Looked at some stylish clothes at Kamiseta but didn't see anything on display worth buying.
  • Hunted for some accessories to go with my evening dress for an event, that didn't go well too.
  • Got lost looking for the Forever 21 store, hoping to check out the accessories there. SM Megamall is huge!
  • Ended up facing Sambo Kojin and having dinner there. Could barely move after, got an article out of that experience though, which i wrote about here.
  • Made a quick stop to National Bookstore again to get some supplies for Miss Artsy, which included a kneaded rubber eraser and a blending stump listed in her drawing book. Also got her a clipboard and door knob sign in her favorite color.
  • Took a detour to a Mercury Drug outlet, my cousin had to buy some stuff for our grandma.
  • Got a cab back home

See? Everything was good. No mishaps, except for the blisters but other than that I think the trip went smoothly. That was what I thought in a nutshell, until the next day...

I was a bit disoriented, it was like my routine got muddled up and I just couldn't bond in every sense that matters. My legs and feet were soar and I lost my appetite for an entire day. Barely finished my meals that were less than half of the amount of food on my plate that I usually consume on a daily basis. I kept forgetting things and was, for lack of another term, wasted, beyond recognition. Mr. D thought it was hilarious since he did tell me I wasn't really up for it. I hate to say he's right, but that day is still worth all the effort.

Would I do it again? Maybe not in a couple of months from now, that's too soon for me. Maybe after a year haha. But that's still one huge maybe. Try dragging me out of my mom cave today and you wouldn't stand a chance. 

Article published on September 30, 2015