A Cake Fit for a Debutante

One of the biggest milestones for a Filipina is definitely her debut, the traditional coming-of-age celebration of a young woman's 18th birthday in the Philippines. In the US, it's usually a girl's 16th birthday they make a big deal out of celebrating, the Sweet 16. In Mexican culture, it's the 15th birthday or what they call the "quinceanera" which I stumbled upon from watching an episode of Top Chef Texas haha. Whatever age it may be they all have one thing in common, they honor young women as they come of age through an elaborate soiree.

When a young girl turns 18 in the Philippines, her family usually throws her a large party wherein she is the center of attention. The celebration resembles a wedding in some aspects, and includes the girl's family, relatives and friends. Dancing, feasting on sumptuous food, speeches and toasts, symbolism and gifts are woven into this special event. While modern debutantes can now decide on which of the custom elements they want to specifically include in their own party, there is traditionally an emphasis placed on the number "18." There's the 18 roses, a group of selected male family and friends for a dance, and the 18 candles, composed of females with a close relationship with the celebrant who will each deliver a short speech before lighting a candle.

I for one opted out of a party and just asked my parents for a certain amount of money to spend haha. I didn't feel up to being on the spotlight in a huge event that centers around me and my age. So why am I here doing a write up on debuts when I chose not to have one for myself? Blame it on Ms. Aileen of Honey Glaze Cakes and her talented team. My jaw literally dropped when I saw 3 utterly stunning cakes made especially for debutantes that I wanted to throw a party for myself just for the sake of having one that gorgeous as a centerpiece. That's what I get for keeping tabs on each of the cakes they create for their valued clients. Can you blame me? Just look at them and be the judge!

This pink cake is just perfect for the sweet Ateneo freshman wouldn't you agree? The celebrant's initial nestled in a bed of artistically handcrafted sugar flowers at the very top, together with the beautiful ribbon, crystals and different embellishments, to me is just sheer genius. The cake is downright elegant and enchanting just like the debutante and her soiree.

Now this one is a show stopper, Flamenco inspired none the less. Which I thought was an odd choice but definitely a good one in this case, when you look at the gorgeously dolled up celebrant and the finished cake. What a truly lovely 5 feet tall black and white cake with handcrafted deep red sugar flowers. I can't quite get over the Spanish fans used as accent pieces on this already spectacular piece. If I were one of the guests, it would stop me dead in my tracks the first time I see it, that's for sure.

A photo posted by Honey Glaze Cakes (@honeyglazecakes) on

A photo posted by Honey Glaze Cakes (@honeyglazecakes) on

How about this masterpiece? Doesn't it just shout debutante in every layer? The 5.5 feet tall cake adorned with crystal and hand crafted pink sugar flowers tailor-made to this sweet 18 year old's specifications clearly made a statement during the party. It's a debutante's dream cake in my opinion and Ms. Aileen outdid herself with this truly elegant cake. It's an edible work of art.

The cake is as important as the gown the debutante will be wearing on her very special day, just like in weddings. A debut is centered around the 18 year-old woman, a cake that can match up to her in every sense is definitely called for and Honey Glaze Cakes is surely up for the challenge considering what they have already showcased for their previous clients. The cakes they create aren't just drop dead gorgeous but the taste also comes up to par with the way it looks. Eye candy that can satisfy anyone's palate. They pride themselves with only using the best products in their cakes, the decorations are hand-made for a more natural, realistic feel and are all made from sugar with their client's safety in mind.

Check out one of the best in the country, drop by their office and cake studio today to see samples of their artistically hand-made cake decor up close and be amazed at the detail & quality of each design. And it doesn't hurt that their creations taste as good as they look! They only use the best quality products ensuring each of their clients will get their money's worth. Book them for your special event now!

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Article published on September 23, 2015