Our First Pastel

Last month, my older sister who's in Africa, requested for some boxes of pastel and for the life of me I didn't have the faintest clue what it was haha. I don't even know how she discovered it when I've never heard of it in all my 32 years of living. Anyway, we found out that Mr. D's office is near a distributor of this product, so it was only logical that he should purchase these boxes of pastel, whatever they were. One night after work he passed by Market! Market! and bought a box for us to try out. He didn't get the ones for my sister yet and left it until the latest possible date (a day before the flight of the person taking it to Africa, that is) because of the short shelf life of the product itself which is only for 6 days according to the sales person in charge. 

So Pastel is a bun with filling that is usually a sweet custard or yema. It's a famous delicacy of Camiguin produced by the company, VjANDEP, which also has a branch in Cagayan De Oro. Mystery solved haha. It's soft, creamy and utterly delicious. What I love about pastel is the simplicity of the ingredients used and the short shelf life. That says a lot about the quality of the product, no preservatives and additives. Remember, the longer the shelf life of the food product, the shorter yours is. Unless it's Raw Organic Honey of course. :)

It comes in boxes of 12 pcs that costs ₱200.00 in the Market! Market! pasalubong area, other dealer's prices may vary. We only got to taste the original Yema filled kind, but there are actually 20 variants all in all to choose from:

  • Reg. Yema Pastel
  • Special Yema Pastel
  • Pineapple Yema Pastel
  • Ube Yema Pastel
  • Assorted Pastel
  • Cheese Yema Pastel
  • Mango Yema Pastel
  • Langka Yema Pastel
  • Blueberry Yema Pastel
  • Macapuno Yema Pastel
  • Durian Yema Pastel
  • Strawberry Yema Pastel
  • Chocolate Yema Pastel
  • Mocha Yema Pastel
  • Bavarian Yema Pastel
  • Green Apple Yema Pastel
  • Squash Yema Pastel
  • Raspberry Yema Pastel
  • Peanut Butter Pastel
  • Squash-Malunggay Yema Pastel
Hopefully we get to try the other flavors of pastel too and soon!

Check out the nearest VjANDEP distributor near you in this list.


Article published on August 13, 2015