Secret Garden: Coloring Book For Adults

I love having a local home school support group online (Facebook), it's like an extended family in a sense. You get to share ideas, ask for advice, get together and so much more. The latest perk that I discovered was that some of the parents are entrepreneurs, giving us the option of purchasing products (educational tools) that aren't available locally otherwise or if they are, at a more affordable price, which is huge.

Coloring books for adults is one of many arts and crafts trends that has been sweeping the country by storm, this in particular being the latest. Getting my hands on a copy of those sought after coloring books has been a fixation of mine for the past few weeks now due to the fact that I know my daughter would love them. I normally go against the trend, but in the case of arts and crafts, I'm all for it. I searched online, mostly in Facebook or Instagram shops for the books, some were selling them for ₱1000 each which I would never go for.

Fully Booked sells Secret Garden for ₱699.00 and it's ₱629.00 each for Secret Paris and Secret Japan. I'm too lazy to go to a Fully Booked outlet so it didn't even occur to me to buy the books there haha. You know me, online shopping and shipping to my home is what I prefer. Anyway, I was browsing through our home school support group page when I saw a post by a mom selling Secret Garden in Chinese, and I just had this strong gut feeling that I would find the price reasonable. It's like a sixth sense or maybe what they call woman's intuition. I hastily left a comment, requesting to reserve 1 copy for me before her stocks run out which I knew they would in no time. I didn't care if it was in Chinese since it's for coloring and not for reading anyway. 

I had no idea that the mom who was selling the coloring book had an online store, Teeter Toddlers, I found out later after making my purchase. So here's how the transaction went. After commenting on her post for a reservation of a copy, I sent her a private message and asked about the price and payment options available. She answered all of my inquiries and we struck a deal. I settled the bill, including the shipping fee outside Metro Manila, sent her the proof of payment and got my book 2 days later thru LBC. Miss Artsy, my 5th grader was over the moon when she found out that the coloring book was for her, I think she thought it was for me at first.

It's a heavy (at 450g) and thick book, you can see how much by comparing it to the small The Horse and His Boy paperback Miss Artsy has been hooked on since this morning. The Secret Garden has a total of 98 pages and in my honest opinion, the quality of the paper used is good with the proper thickness for coloring back to back. I just love it as much as my daughter does. Yet again another quick and hassle-free transaction with an online Facebook store, isn't it any wonder why I prefer to shop this way?

Check out Teeter Toddlers on Facebook today! I hear that there are loads more coloring books for adults at affordable prices coming our way! 

Article published on August 14, 2015