Ballet flats and flat boots!

One of the fashion trends that I shamefully succumbed to in 2014 was the ballet flats, famously sported by numerous stylish international & local celebrities like Cheska Garcia-Kramer who I am a huge fan of. She's like the living Barbie I never had. Anyway, I just couldn't stop myself from getting a pair and you should know me well enough by now to have guessed that I would never purchase a Chloe or Jessica Simpson brand. Instead I looked for locally made ones that would give me the same look without the unbelievably high price tag that would make me run for the hills. It's a good thing there are a lot of Instagram shops that could cater to my shoe fixation at the time. 

After browsing through more than 10 online shoe boutiques who picked up on the trend I finally decided on purchasing from SheosManila. They actually have a physical store, but you know me and my reservations about leaving my mom cave. An online transaction was the only way to go for me. I was only supposed to buy a pair of their Jessica Ballet Flats in black so it would go pretty much with any outfit I had. The color choice was definitely a no brainer, but they do have other nice colors to choose from for this specific style. I stumbled on their adorable flat boots, too bad they weren't restocking the gray ones which were lovely. I was too late. I'm a sucker for boots and I just had to have a pair of their Julia as well! Just check them out and see for yourself.

Here are the black Jessica Ballet Flats, I chose these because some other shops might have Chloe ballet flats inspired ones too, but they were ugly. Seriously ugly. I'm not kidding.

Now here are their Julia Boots which comes in Black, Brown, Leopard and Floral. I chose to get a brown one, I totally forgot why though. :)

(Photo credits to Sheosmanila)

And here are the ones I missed, the lovely gray colored pair. Still can't believe they're not making it anymore. Oh well. So anyway, I messaged them thru Viber for pricing, payment methods and shipping rates. Settled payment, sent them a copy of the BPI deposit slip and got my orders the next day!

Let me just say that the I was impressed with the shoes I received, I didn't expect much to avoid disappointment, so I was really amazed at the level of quality of both pairs I purchased. And it wasn't just me, when my mom and grandmother saw me wearing my ballet flats the first time, they asked me to take it off so they could examine the make of it up close. I found myself ordering my a black Jessica Ballet Flat for my grandma, another one for my mom plus a pair of leopard print Julia boots a couple of minutes later haha.

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Article published on August 15, 2015