How To Survive Growing Up

Since I've already given away 2 brand new copies of Paano Ba 'To?! by Bianca Gonzalez, a review is only fitting don't you think? The book is written in Tagalog-English, it retails at ₱245 and comes with two sets of stickers that you can use to personalize your own copy as you see fit, which is kinda fun. I've actually read it in its entirety a couple of months back and just forget to do a write up, better late than never I guess haha. Let's get to it then!

Reading this book made me feel younger and nostalgic. It transported me back to how clumsily I waddled my way through my very awkward teenage years, like it was yesterday. Having an OFW for a mom and sadly a not so close relationship with my only sister didn't help me one bit. I got through it though, admittedly with a lot of embarrassing yet educational experiences under my belt but who doesn't right? I've been told that I've been blessed much more than others who went through far more difficult and challenging ordeals in those stages than me which I am grateful for. I look up to those people none the less because I know for a fact that they are stronger compared to yours truly, to have been put in stickier situations like that and yet to have dealt with all of them & survived in the end is just downright admirable. 

The whole time I was leafing through the pages of Paano Ba 'To?! made me think that I could've saved myself from a lot of embarrassment and stress if I just had it in my clutches back in my teenage years haha. Seriously. It was a compilation of very sound advice that teens who aren't that open to talking to other people about their problems or have no one to talk to otherwise would appreciate reading. 

The book is divided into eight chapters: Family, Friendship, Love, Career & Money, Failures, Fashion and Beauty, Purpose and Self. Each chapter tackles the most common issues that the young generation face as they grow up, they also include true stories of not just the author but of other celebrities (like Anne Curtis and Atom Araullo who I'm a fan of), Q&A's, advice from the expert, and more.

I just love the colorful and amazing illustrations by the talented Abbey Sy who actually helped reintroduced the fine art of  lettering, calligraphy, and typography to a lot of people by way of her blog. 

All in all the book is as advertised and delivers what it's meant to do which is to help teens to survive growing up. Keeping a copy for my kids in the future, for sure! It's a great gift idea, get it for your own daughter/son or for your teenage goddaughter/godson. They'll thank you for it. I know I would, if I was given a copy during those awkward years in my life. :)

Article published on August 4, 2015