Deco Art's Anniversary Sale Haul

My eldest daughter and I started to build our craft arsenal, so to speak, just late last year. We got ourselves stamps, ink pads, frames, doilies, tags, notebooks, stickers, punchers, xacto knives, washi tapes, paper tapes, and so much more. We shopped on Instagram for the most part (which is downright convenient) but there were also some great finds at National Book Store on the rare days we went out.

I wouldn't be caught dead in a mall during their BIG sale, just imagining getting crushed by the crowd frightens me haha. But that doesn't mean that I miss out on great bargains or sales. It's actually the total opposite, all thanks to social media. I get to buy my favorite things with rock bottom prices attached to them. Just check out my craft haul from Deco Art's Anniversary sale! 

I ordered at three different dates respectively, the first time wasn't even during their sale but at very reasonable prices in my honest opinion. I just wanted to get my hands on the lego notebook they had before they run out of it and of course some airmail washi tapes. :)

  • SHADPEN Post Its (for Mr D, so him)
  • Angoo Washi Tapes (Airmail)
  • Black Lego Notebook (for Mr D)
  • Assorted Travel Sticky Notes

  • Airmail Noteblocks
  • Pink Lego Notebook (for Miss Artsy, to match with his dad)
  • Cash Book Keeper
  • Wooden Pegs
  • Stickers
  • Masking Stickers
  • Day Stamps
  • Sticky Notes
  • SHADPEN Post Its (stock for Mr D)
  • Date Stamp
  • Angoo Slim Tapes
  • Number Stamps
  • Small Leaf Notebook (Miss Artsy's Doodle Notebook)
  • Mini Mate (Miss Artsy's gift to a friend)

  • Macaron Erasers (for Miss Artsy)
  • Border Stamps
  • Ink Pads
  • Hello Coco Notebooks (for Miss Artsy)
  • Paper Tapes
  • Wooden Letters (for Miss Artsy)
  • 3D Stickers (for The Little Hulk, long story)
I actually ordered more of the wonderful airmail Angoo Washi tape they had and was heart broken to learn that they were sold out on the first few days of the sale. It totally didn't cross my mind to have them reserved while I was making a list of my new batch of orders. Lesson learned, the hard way. Still we scored a lot of great items from their sale. If we had more storage space at the moment we would get some more truth be told. We are now holding ourselves back from doing more shopping or risk filling up the kitchen cabinets with craft stuff haha.

All of these put together didn't even cost us 3k, which already includes the shipping fee per order placed. I just love crafts and sales, but who doesn't right? Check out Deco Art today! Follow them on Instagram to see all the craft and novelty items they offer, message them on Viber for inquiries. They accept bank payments and ship thru Xend. All three transactions we had were quick and smooth, I give them two thumbs up for flawless customer service.

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Article published on August 2, 2015