Coloring Books For Adults

I have been known to go against whatever is trending at the moment but never when it comes to an arts and crafts craze! I wasn't immune to felt craft, jewelry making, crocheting, polymer clay art, calligraphy, typography, paper cutting, and doodling but I didn't have the chance to explore them either given that I was taking care of two toddlers most of the day. It was just impossible to do any of those while there were little tikes running around wreaking havoc the minute you turn your back. In the case of the newest fad which is coloring books for adults, I find that getting into it wouldn't be that hard as compared to the others.

Yes, coloring books aren't just for kids anymore. By simply making a quick search on Instagram, you'll see just how popular adult coloring books have become in such a short period of time, with hundreds or maybe thousands of creative designs proudly uploaded on the site. They claim that the ones made for adults are mainly to relieve stress, relax and release the mind from overwhelming thoughts of the day. Obviously it works or maybe a new found love for coloring just made its way into the hearts of the not so young since these coloring books for adults are now booming in the publishing industry. And the book that rumored to have started it all is the undoubtedly talented Scottish illustrator Johanna Basford's intricately drawn Secret Garden. Basford has nearly sold 1.5 million copies of it already which says a lot.

I already have a copy of Secret Garden but in Chinese, I gave it to Miss Artsy since I knew she would love one as well and won't have the patience to wait for another order to be placed. I was supposed to order an English version the other day, but the online banking app on my iPad couldn't connect to the services, so I couldn't pay for the pre-ordered coloring books I was going to be receiving by the end of the month if the transaction fell through. I hate it when technology fails me when I really need them at the time. Patience is a virtue, I will get my hands on the English versions of Johanna Basford's book when the time and of course the price is right. There are only three that I know of so far, namely, Secret Garden, Enchanted Forest and Lost Ocean. Hopefully I get them soon! :)

For now I am just waiting for updates from Teeter Toddlers, I believe they might have the books I'm dying to get my hands on within the month. The chances of getting them at pretty reasonable prices are good too, since I've already purchased from them before. Story here.

The hunt is still on for a lot of great quality and affordable coloring books (other than Johanna Basford's of course) for us! Stay tuned for updates! :)

Article published on August 17, 2015