Progress in Music

Remember the free piano lessons for the summer that my daughter decided to take on? Well here are some videos we took of just how much she has progressed in a span of 3 weeks. This one's a long overdue update says my student haha. By the way, my daughter couldn't play the whole song (Let It Go) because our old Casio keyboard is small, it doesn't have enough keys. We're now actually thinking of getting a new, standard sized one so she can play any song she wants without the constraints of the the one we have.

Did you hear Little Miss Banshee's voice near the ending of the second video? I guess she wanted to be a part of her big sister's video haha. I am no expert but I honestly think that our Miss Artsy is doing great. Those video tutorials are really something. She's enjoying herself very much and is now looking for a new piece to play, she's going classical she says. Stay tuned for more of her videos, soon on the blog. :)

Mr. D and I both have no piano skills whatsoever, although we both wanted to learn when we were still young. There wasn't Youtube tutorial videos back in those days, you had to hire a private piano teacher or attend a music school to learn. The kids of this generation have almost everything within their reach thanks to the internet, they've got it good. And it's not just piano lessons, try searching the net for all sorts of tutorials. Why do you have to pay for lessons when you can get it for free, right? 

Article published on July 11, 2015