Field trip!

To most Filipinos, Manila Ocean Park is a holiday spot but to us homeschoolers it's a popular field trip destination for the whole family! Last summer, Mr. D and Miss Artsy went there with some relatives to see what new attractions they had in store for us. The last time this father and daughter tandem graced Manila Ocean Park with their presence was more than a year ago, they had a blast on that day and were up for some more. It was a memorable day full of discoveries and fun, they told me when they got home, and I totally forgot to blog about it right away. So here it goes!

They got the Deep Sea Rush 5 package (₱550 for each ticket) which included the Oceanarium, Jellies Exhibit, Sea Lion Show, Sharks and Rays Dry Encounter, and the Symphony Evening Show. Check out their latest package rates here.

Miss Artsy couldn't stop raving about the jellyfish exhibit, she said it was almost like the one we saw at the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco for her 5th birthday back in 2010. It was a challenge to get shots in the dimly lit exhibit, I wish I had them take the SLR with them for that. She was very enamored about seeing a wide array of sea creatures and boasted of actually naming a few of them correctly by herself without reading labels. Some of them, she had to ask her dad about though haha. Science is her forte, it's no wonder why Manila Ocean Park is a big hit with her.

They also loved the Sea Lion Show, but who wouldn't right? Just look at those beautiful, funny and smart animals doing those awesome stunts. Just make sure to bring extra clothes in case you get wet when they decide to make a huge splash near their captivated audience. Oh and sunglasses, they definitely came in handy for Mr. D and Miss Artsy when during the show with the sun glaring at them the whole time haha.

Last but definitely not the least was the Symphony Evening Show which reminded me of the Bellagio's dancing fountains we saw in Vegas, just minus the fireworks. All in all it was a wonderful day spent at Manila Ocean Park last summer. Planning another trip there, soon!


Article published on July 23, 2015