Custom Notebook Planner

I've been meaning to get a home school planner to help keep me organized (which I am not known for, haha) as a first time teacher, but we had none available locally. I then planned to make my own planner design using Photoshop but with the time constraints and two needy toddlers always vying for attention, I just couldn't push through with it. Maybe, next year haha. So I took to the internet and decided to get myself printables instead. There were a lot of home school planners from different websites, so I took my time in choosing the one that best suits me. There are a lot of great free planners made by moms like me, but I never found the right one for me in any of them. I came across the website Confessions of a Homeschooler during my search and just fell in love with the planners that they were selling for under six bucks. They had 3 designs, the Colorful, the Floral and the Arrows which were all lovely in my opinion. I was leaning towards the Colorful and was already planning to purchase it thru Paypal when I clicked the Arrows and saw that it was on sale for a limited time. So, I went for it and actually got it for free instead of the regular $3.99 price tag it comes with. Check out their planners:

It was now a case of getting it printed out and turned into a spiral notebook. We were going to do it ourselves at first, but with everything going on already, we just didn't have the time. PapelandiaPH to the rescue. Found the shop on Instagram which provides the exact services that I needed for this particular project. So I made inquiries thru Viber. They provided me with their rates (which are reasonable), shipping fee, and policies. I sent them the PDF file of the free printable planner I downloaded online, settled payment, sent them a copy of the deposit slip and received my planner a couple of days later. Here it is.

I'm just loving my planner, it definitely helps me with my lesson plans. Keeps us on track regardless of the hectic schedule we have. The quality of the paper is good and the custom notebook planner overall is great. I got my money's worth for sure! Thanks for the quick and smooth transaction PapelandiaPH! Oh and for the freebies! Til my next order!


Article published on July 9, 2015