From Cebu with Love

I've been to Cebu a handful of times and fell in love with their food right off the bat. Other than the fresh seafood that I rarely find in the local wet markets near our place, their lechon also made its mark on me since it without a doubt far surpasses the ones that I've had here in Manila. Mr. D is a local there (proud of it) and I've been playing around with the idea of having him ask one of his relatives to buy stuff there and just ship it to us so we can enjoy the food without actually having to travel to the city itself. It was a good plan but then I stumbled upon DanggitPusitSaCebu on Instagram which provides the very service I was looking for. So why not try them out first before inconveniencing Mr. D's relatives right? That decided it became a case of what to purchase, I took my time since they had a large selection. Some of the food items I haven't even heard of haha. Here's a list of some of the items they sell:

  • Chorizo De Cebu
  • Pork Sausage
  • Zubu Chon Chicharon
  • Tuyo/Tabagak
  • Tablea
  • Palad Flakes
  • Dried Mangoes
  • Fish Tocino
  • Rosquillos
  • Boneless Dilis
  • Piaya
  • Squid Flakes
  • Peanut Kisses
  • Peanut Fingers
  • Hojaldres
  • Caycay
  • Pork/Beef Tapa
  • Longaniza
  • Fishbones
  • Otap
  • Sapsap
  • Masi
  • Katambak
  • Galletas De Bato
  • Chocolate Coated Dried Mango
  • and more
Being that it would be my first time purchasing from them, I decided to just get a small amount and see how it went. Mr. D highly recommended the Chorizo De Cebu and I was very much curious about the Squid Flakes. I contacted DanggitPusitSaCebu thru their official Viber number to place my orders, gave them my details, paid thru BPI Express Online and sent them the proof of payment. We got the package a couple of days later and had our fill of these phenomenal Cebu delicacies for a whole weekend.

Of course the only certified Cebuano in the house, Mr. D, took on the task of cooking the Chorizo De Cebu, since I didn't want to ruin it. It would've been a waste if the method of cooking wasn't right and I had no clue of how to go about it anyway, being unfamiliar with the product itself. So what if he's going to make a complete mess of the kitchen, at least I get to eat Chorizo for dinner haha. By the way, it was vacuumed packed when we received it which definitely sealed in the freshness of the product. I give the Instagram shop points for that.
So, would I purchase from DanggitPusitSaCebu again? In a heartbeat! I'm actually just waiting for space in both our fridge and freezer to clear up (before ordering) so I'll have room for the next buy I'm planning to make haha. For Cebu delicacies delivered to your doorstep, check out DanggitPusitSaCebu on Instagram. They ship worldwide!

Article published on July 13, 2015