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Let's face it, cakes play a huge role in many of the biggest events of our lives. Next to the bride's dress and overall look, the cake is probably a wedding's most important icon. It is one of the first things that both the celebrant and guests look forward to in a celebration, may it be on a grand or a more intimate scale. It is truly the pièce de résistance of any soirée.

I've attended quite a bit of parties back in the 90s due to my mom's vast list of friends and relatives. Comparing those social functions to the ones of the present, I certainly prefer those from a decade ago, by far. Why? Because along with the bride and groom or the celebrant, the guests get to eat the cake too. Now, we have to admit, not so much. The cake's sole purpose these days is to look great on display and for the traditional cutting of the cake or blowing of the candle, but they're not really served to the guests anymore. I am not very much into the traditional, but in this case, I am all for it. 

Ms. Aileen Conde, the pastry chef extraordinaire/owner of Honey Glaze Cakes and her team take pride in producing high quality and artistically hand crafted custom cakes which thrills their client's taste buds as well. They believe that cakes should not just look good for display but also taste great, be eaten and served to the guests, which I most definitely agree with. Sharing the cake with your guests will make them feel extra special, more so when it isn't just pleasing to the eye but satisfies their palate too. It gives them a sense that the bride and groom or the celebrant carefully chose an absolutely stunning and yummy cake with them, the guests (who will be eating it) in mind. 

Other than bringing back the custom of sharing the cake with the guests, Ms. Aileen also follows a business tradition in the states which is offering a cake tasting session to all of their potential clients. I've had my fair share of organizing parties back in the day and I've never heard of cake tasting sessions as being a fixture in most pastry shops here in the Philippines. Food tastings with caterers, yes, but cake tastings not really until Honey Glaze Cakes. I know when we visited their office for a cake tasting, we were immediately sold after the first bite of their signature Belgian Chocolate Cake. It was definitely a dessert that we could proudly serve to our guests at my mom's party that everyone will surely enjoy. That was my first thought. The taste alone (being a die-hard foodie) was worth the price in my opinion, the overall look was just going to be a very huge bonus. 

It suddenly dawned on me that every cake supplier in Manila should offer cake tasting sessions. Now I'm wondering why not all of them do, when they definitely should. If the clients do plan to serve it to their guests, shouldn't they know what it's going to taste like, if it's any good or not prior to the event itself? Just a thought.

Honey Glaze Cakes value their clients and want them to get their money's worth. They chose to go the extra mile by empowering their customers on their cake choices and buying decisions through offering them with better options. All of their clients are engaged into exploring a variety of possible options for their cake design and cake flavor during the cake tasting visit. Before discussing the design and pricing, they encourage each of their clients to visit their office first, to see the actual cake designs and actual cake sizes that they can choose from. And most importantly, to have a cake tasting, so that they can choose among their absolutely scrumptious premium cake flavors which their clients together with their guests will take pleasure in on the big day.

Honey Glaze Cakes is undoubtedly doing something different and truly admirable here. They are definitely changing the face of the Philippine cake industry by bringing tradition back and empowering their clients to ensure that they get only the best for their special day. Is it any wonder why more and more people are booking them for their birthdays and weddings? Celebrities too! And don't get me started on their repeat clients, we don't have all day to list them down. 

Getting married or celebrating a special day? Make sure to check them out!

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Article published on July 7, 2015