Reporters love cakes too!

Love indeed conquers all and these reporters with different network affiliations are proof of that. I'm talking about GMA news anchor Oscar Oida and his longtime girlfriend MJ Marfori of TV5 who got engaged last year in New York, the bride to be's favorite city of all places. Oscar Oida took to Youtube to share with the world how he proposed in Central Park, which if you haven't seen already you can check out here.

Oscar and MJ met through a common friend who was also a journalist from the same network as the soon to be bride way back in 2010. They hung out together a lot and became friends first before they eventually started dating. They are truly blessed since both of their respective networks are very supportive of their relationship and even congratulated them when they got engaged. The happy couple plans to tie the knot in January 2016 here in Manila, and guess what? They chose none other but Honey Glaze Cakes to make their wedding cake on that very special day!

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Here's the GMA reporter enjoying his birthday with his lady love and one of Honey Glaze Cakes' sumptuous premium cake flavors, Rocky Road.

The lovely couple visited Honey Glaze Cakes' fabulous office and studio for a cake tasting and of course to see the wonderful cake designs Ms. Aileen and her skilled team offer. I have it on good authority that both Oscar and MJ were impressed with their premium cake flavors and were mostly enamored by their signature Belgian Chocolate Cake (as I am) and Salted Caramel Pecan Cheesecake. We know that the cake will taste great on their big day next year, now we just have to wait a while to see what it's going to look like. I for one am really curious as to what the final design is going to be, maybe the star reporter's birthday cake at her party held in Victoria Court a week ago could clue us in! Here are some photos of MJ having a blast during the said celebration (posted on her personal Instagram and Facebook accounts).

Now that is what I call a custom birthday cake, it definitely screams MJ Marfori all the way. And I think the celebrant shares the same sentiments as mine with that "so me!" statement of hers on the cake. Look at how artistically put together it is, the craft work is just superb that I don't blame anyone for finding it hard believe that everything is made by hand, which they are. It's a shame to cut into it but we know for a fact that the taste is up to par with how it looks, so who in the right mind would resist delving into this scrumptious offering from Honey Glaze Cakes? Not me! I personally love MJ's birthday cake's glamorous design, now I'm really excited for January to come for the final reveal of their wedding cake! For now, let's just leave it to Ms. Aileen and team to make a cake fit for these two news personalities.

For cakes that taste as good as they look, make sure to check out Honey Glaze Cakes! They're a hit with these new anchors on both taste and design, and that surely says a lot.

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Article published on June 30, 2015