24/7 Online Banking with BPI

Do you happen to have a BPI account? Have you taken advantage of their online services by signing up for BPI Express Online banking? If you haven't yet, then I highly recommend that you should, and soon. 

Like most people I know, I rarely go to the bank anymore, unless it's to deposit money into my account. BPI Express Online offers such great services for people like myself who don't have the luxury of going out for my banking needs. It has definitely saved me a lot on both time and money. With BPI Express Online I can:

  • Check my current balance
  • Transfer funds between my accounts
  • Enroll another person's account and transfer funds to it from my own account
  • Enroll and pay all of my bills
  • Reload my Globe Prepaid phone
All of these and so much more without going to the bank or leaving the house. I also get to settle payments whenever I make purchases on Instagram. It's a huge plus for me when a shop offers BPI deposit as one of their modes of payment. Why fall in line when you can pay your bills, check your balance and transfer funds online, right? It's so convenient! 

So far I can only rave about their online services and how quick and easy the activation of each feature I enrolled for were. Thanks to BPI Express Online I get to pay our bills in the comfort of my own home while doing this and that. I can check my current balance and even review the history of my transactions thru the mobile app during those times I can't get to my laptop.

Just visit their website http://bpiexpressonline.com/, click Enroll Now under Personal Log In and provide the necessary information to sign up. You will then receive an email confirmation from BPI regarding your request and further instructions. For ATM-based accounts like mine, you just have to go to the nearest BPI ATM and enter your card to activate enrollment. Once activated via ATM, BPI will send another email confirming activation and then you're all set. It's as easy as that.
By the way, not all of the features you see on their website once logged in are activated, like the Transfer To Anyone service for instance. It works on their mobile app once successfully enrolled, which you can download here for Android and here for iOS devices. Check out The Chic Mompreneur's article on how she got this feature activated here.

Why not get both your BPI Express Online and mobile app activated today for hassle free banking anytime, anywhere? Definitely beats falling in line. :) 

Article published on June 15, 2015