Raw Organic Apple Cider Vinegar "With the Mother"
Are you familiar with raw Apple Cider Vinegar? It has been making waves for the past years for its many health benefits and uses. The most popular brand is Bragg and as far as I'm concerned the others just aren't going to cut it, but we're still on the look out for other raw apple cider vinegar brands since Bragg is almost always out of stock at the stores. So far it's the only brand worth purchasing from what we've seen available in the market. We tend to hoard the stuff from time to time and here's why:

  • Prevents/Cures the flu - by taking at least one tablespoon a day or more (for coughs, sore throat, colds)
  • For clear skin - helps lessen oil from my skin by soaking a cloth/cotton ball and applying it on my face
  • Kills pesky weeds - we mix it with a bit of salt and calamansi/lemon juice or simply by its own and spray it on the weeds
  • Heals burns - we apply it immediately to the burn to reduce the pain and stimulate healing, this doesn't leave a scar at all from our experience (another alternative is Soy Sauce)
  • All purpose cleaner - we just dilute in water, add an essential oil of our choice (orange oil for me) and just use it all around the house instead of those store bought cleaners with the toxic chemicals.
  • Energy booster - we add a small amount to our home made smoothies, shakes or green juices to boost our energy levels
  • Whitens teeth - apply it directly to your teeth and rinse well with water, just don't do this too frequently or your enamel might breakdown
  • Helps with constipation - take a tablespoon before meals, the vinegar will help breakdown the food by stimulating your body's digestive juices
These are just a couple of them that we, as a family have personal experience with, there are still a ton of applications of this wonderful organic and natural product to try out. We've heard that raw apple cider vinegar can help with weight loss, sore muscles, bad breath, dandruff and even insulin sensitivity to name a few. 

We consume it on a daily basis, even the kids (by sneaking it in their food and drinks without their knowledge haha) to give our immune systems an added boost. I remember a couple of weeks back when the whole neighborhood caught the flu and we were the only ones who didn't, now that's saying something (our overall healthy lifestyle played a huge role of course). And on those rare occasions that we do contract the disease, instead of taking pharmaceutical meds with their harmful side effects we take raw apple cider vinegar with a combination lemon juice, cinnamon, ginger and raw organic honey. It does the trick every time.

Article published on June 16, 2015